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The History of Isaignaniyar

     This great mother lived in the thirumunaippAdikingdom at the town thirun^AvalUr. There is an old adage saying, "How the thread is, so is the saree. How the mother is, so is the child". This devotee led a sincere life with chadaiyanAr(1) to give birth to the renowned devotee chun^dhara mUrathi n^AyanAr who always took pride in saying he was the slave of the slaves of Lord shiva, slave of the slaves of the slaves of the Lord. The first moulding of the child is at the mother's hands. Whatever characters she imbibes in the child along with the milk she gives, gets developed in future under conducive circumstances. It is said in fact that the character of the children itself is an indication of the qualification of the parents. Her devotion on the holy feet of the Lord and austerities got her the great harsh servant of Lord as her child. Blessed is she and her devotion. Let the devotional upbringing of sun^dharar by ichainyAniyAr stay in the mind.

                                                       oziyAp perumaich chadaiyanAr urimaich chelvath thirumanaiyAr ,
	 aziyAp puraN^gaL eydhaziththAr ANda n^ambi thanaippayan^dhAr ,
	 iziyAk kulaththin ichainyAnip pirAtti yArai enchiRupun ,
	 moziyAR pukaza mudiyumO mudiyA dhevarkkum mudiyAdhAl

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