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paravaiyAr led a life of dedication to the Lord and love to the husband who was a splendid devotee of the Lord of Bull Flag. She was the attendant of the Goddess in the Kayilai. Because of the love that budded there with AlAla chun^dharar she was born in thiruvArUr in the tradition of uruththira kaNikai. From her childhood itself she was virtuous and very much interested in the worship of the inseparable shiva-shakthi. Beautiful in appearance she also used to sing in her melodious voice the glory of the God and Goddess with high involvement.

One day when she was on her way to the temple she got to see chun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr (1), who made an impression in her heart. He too was quite attracted by her. But the devotion taking more importance in her mind she forced her mind on the Lord and went inside the abode to salute the Supreme Beauties. She came to know from her friends that chun^dharar was a sincere devotee of the Lord and so being called thampirAn thOzar (friend of the Lord). Coming to know about his devotion for the Lord Who held the river in His hair, her love for him grew. The virtuous girl appealed to the Lord about her love. chun^dharar also seeking this impressive girl to the Lord, the Lord Who shines in the wedding robe with pArvati, ordered the devotees of the town to arrange the wedding of these two devotees.

The devotional couple led the life of devotion, charity and love for each other with which the married life becomes fruitful. She served the Lord of divines and led a life of well synchronized service to the devotees. When by the Grace of the God Who doesn't know the limits in giving boons, chun^dharar got mounts of food grains, her broad mind that enthrones the Boundless bhagavan shared that with the people of the town. She asked chun^dharar perumAn to bring money. For what ! She wanted to donate and take part in the service during the Lord's festival of paN^guni uththiram. She welcomed along with chun^dharar in hospitality and humbleness the devotees who came to their place and took a great interest in serving them.

Living her life completely in devotion and service she reached the abode of the Goddess pArvati as kamalini, Her attendant. Her good qualities and devotion is praised in many places in the periya purANam.

                                                               vanRoNdar thamakkaLiththa n^eRkaNdu makizchiRappAr ,
     inRuN^gaL manaiellaik kutpadun^eR kunRellAm ,
     ponRaN^gu mALikaiyiR pukappeydhu koLga ena ,
     venRimura chaRaiviththAr mikkapukazp paravaiyAr
				periya purANam

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