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Kazaritrarivaar Nayanar - part III (The Big Boon)


chun^dharar perumAn(1) when he was in thiruvArUr once was interested to visit once again chEramAn perumAL and he came to the chEra kingdom. The devotees in the kingdom informed the king about the arrival of chun^dharar in the kingdom who revived through the Grace of the Lord a small boy eaten away by a crocodile. The king became the joy on hearing the news, showered the gems and gold, decorated the city with lamps flowers and banners and with the happiness that the shaivite saint his own life like friend chun^dharar was coming to his kingdom, he went to welcome him. The king of arc and arrow flag went forward to greet the vaNRoNdar who had entered the chErA kingdom on the elephant with the courtmen. chun^dharar saluted the saluting king and they hugged each other in real love of friendship as if only their bodies were separate. The king inquired about the Wealth of thiruvArUr and rejoiced in that thinking. Taking him on the elephant holding the white umbrella for him the king brought chun^dharar with his spring of happiness dancing in rhythm reached the vanychi. The acoustic instruments reverberated the air; the array of filled pots stood in the line welcoming; the rain of flowers softened the ground; the two companions came on the elephant in the middle. At the royal palace the king seated chun^dharar on the throne and served him to relax from the fatigue of travel. Then he liberally donated gems and jewels to the royal servants. chun^dharar stayed in the love of the chErA king worshiping many of the Snake cladded God's abodes in the chErA kingdom.

One day chun^dharar went to the thiruvanychaikkaLam abode and sang the Lord thalikkuth thalaimAlai indicating to get rid of the bondful life with the grace of the Lord. The Lord sent a white elephant to bring chun^dharar to His abode kaiyilai. chun^dharar while mounting the elephant did so with the thought about his friend. chEramAn perumAL realizing the deed of the friend rushed over a hose standing by to thiruvanychaikkaLam. He saw the vaNRoNdar going in the sky majestic over the white elephant. He didn't stop, he rushed on the horse as the rush of his mind. As he told procedurally the enchanting mantra of Lord shiva on the ear of the horse, it rose in the sky went in speed circumambulating the elephant chun^dharar was riding and went ahead. The horse and the elephant reached the southern gate of the Holy Mount of the Lord that glittered in all the directions with the chaste whiteness blooming the world. The two marvelous devotees got down and walked through many hills to reach jeweled gate. At the thiruaNukkan vAyil chEramAn was blocked by the gatekeepers, but as the grace of God chun^dharar went inside in front of the Eldest One. With the mind completely merging in that Mighty chun^dharar perumAn praised the Three Eyed Lord. He saluted and said that the chErA king who came to worship His holy feet was standing outside.

The Lord ordered the big dhEvas to bring him in. To the king who entered in all humble salutations and love the God asked amidst His glittering smile how did he come without His invitation. The king told with folded hands that he came praising the feet of ArUrar came saluting in front of the elephant and by the flood of His grace he was brought in. "I have one more request", he continued. He wished the Lord to hear the thirukkayilAya nyAna ulA that he wrote. The Lord graced him to tell and the devotee told. The Lord hearing the song of devotion and love blessed that they both sit in His service as the heads of His gaNas. They both saluted the Lord and stood in the service under the Holy Feet of the Lord. The thiruvulA that chEramAn perumAL sang was heard by mAchAththanAr in the kayilai and he revealed it to the world in thiruppidavUr. Let the humbleness, love, devotion and interest towards the Lord and the devotees that chEramAn perumAL n^AyanAr practiced stay in the mind.

chErar kAvalar parivudan kEtpiththa thiru ulAp puRaN^koNdu ,
     n^Ari pAgarum n^alammigu thiruvaruL n^ayappudan aruLcheyvAr ,
     Ura nAgiya AlAla chun^dhara nudanamarn^ dhiruvIrum ,
     chAra n^aN^gaNa n^AdharAm thalaimaiyil thaN^gum en RaruL cheydhAr

·  gurupUjai : ADi - svAti 

·  Birth place of kazaRitRaRivaar nAyanAr

Note: The hymns chEramAn perumAL nAyanAr composed on the Lord are part of the eleventh thirumuRai. (2)

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