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chaN^giliyAr lived a life dedicated to the fragrant glory of the Lord of thiruvoRRiyUr. She was one of the attendants by name anin^thidhai of the Goddess at kayilai. When she got attracted to AlAla chun^dharar, she was born as chaN^giliyAr in thiruvoRRiyUr to lead the loveful life with him.

chaN^giliyAr was born to thirunyAyiRu kizavar who was a peasant near thiruvoRRiyUr. She grew with a divine feeling by the radiance of which she was quite distinguishable with others. She grew up as a beautiful young girl and as one who has the Imperishable Eternal Beautiful God and Goddess in her mind. Her parents wanted their virtuous pretty daughter to be married soon. chaN^giliyAr wanted to lead a life in which the focus was on the divine. She asked them to leave her in the abode of the Lord of thiruvoRRiyUr in the Almighty's service. They were quite shocked to hear this and found difficult to digest the fact that she did not want to lead the normal life in the young pretty age. One of the relatives without knowing her inclination sent the proposal to marry her. But something bad happened to him. The relatives were quite worried. They left her as she wished in the temple of thiruvoRRiyUr where the Lord of all sacrifices reside. They made a monastery for her to perform austerities.

Young paravaiyAr without allowing the dirties of the external world staining her chaste service minded thoughts, stayed in the kanni mAdam closed behind the curtains. She with the feeling of the Feet of the divine parents constantly overwhelming in her mind, served the Lord making the garlands for the worship of the Lord of thiruvoRRiyUr. She used to come outside the curtains to give the garlands to be offered to the Lord and immediately go back. She was in this service of the Lord for a long time. One day when she appeared as a lightning to give the garlands chun^dharar(1) saw her while returning from the abode. The old time acquaintance at kayilai bringing in the love for her, he requested the Lord.

The Lord appeared in the dream of the chaste devotee chaN^giliyAr. He told her the very great devotion of chun^dharar and asked her to get married to him. She replied that as He ordered she would get married to him. The Lord said He would get an assurance from chun^dharar that he would not leave her. chun^dharar was reluctant to give the assurance because he wanted to sing the fame of the Lord in many abodes. So he asked the Lord to stay outside under the makizam tree when he makes the assurance to chaN^giliyAr at the abode ! But the Lord indicated this plan to chaN^giliyAr and asked her to ask for the pledge under the makizam tree. Blessed is her chaste devotion !

As the Lord advised she took the promise from chun^dharar under the tree though she was feeling bad that she was coming in the way of the wish of the devotee. By the grace of the Lord Who is the Union of male and female, the devotees arranged the wedding of this dedicated couple. They lived praising the glory of the Supreme. After chun^dharar left on his desire to salute the Lord of thiruvArUr, she continued her service to Lord shiva to reach in His abode back in her original position as the attendant of the Goddess. Great was her austerely devotion and love for the God and Goddess !

                                                                                                                                                 paNdu kayilaith thirumalaiyiR cheyyum paNiyin pAnmaimanaN^ ,
     koNda uNarvu thalain^iRpak kulavu malarmen kodiyanaiyAr ,
     vaNdu maruvun^ thirumalarmen mAlai kAlaN^ gaLukkERpa ,
     aNdar perumAn mudichchAththa amaiththu vaNaN^gi amarun^AL
				- periya purANam

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