Stories from Hindu epics / purANas

The 18 Puranas (meaning - ancient things) and itihAsas (meaning - history) are have very rich accounts of ancient happenings. In this section the excerpts of some of these stories are presented in a simplified form.

  1. மத்ஸ்யபுராணக் கதைகள்    PDF
  2. Lord shiva appearing as Fire pillar and brahma, viShNu searching the ends of It
  3. Goddess shakti becoming a half into Lord shiva
  4. The story of dakshNamUrthi
  5. Drinking the terrific poison and saving the worlds
  6. Lord shiva wearing Crescent to the head
  7. Lord destroying the rite of daksha - The story of vIrabhadrar
  8. Establishing devotion in the heart of sages of dArukAvana
  9. Buring the kAma (lust) to ashes
  10. Burning the tripurAsuras
  11. Blessing arjuna with pAshupatAstra
  12. Wedding pArvati
  13. Protecting mArkaNDeya from death
  14. Cutting the head of daemon jalandhara
  15. Giving sudarshana disc to mahAviShNu
  16. Ripping away the elephant daemon
  17. Holding Ganges on the head
  18. Dance of God
  19. mahAviShNu getting manmata as the son

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Plays of God - thiruviLaiyADal purANam

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