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The word Shaivam refers to "associated with shiva". Also known as Shaivism. is dedicated to the worship of lord Shiva - the God.

It is meant to be a tool for understanding and practicing the way of Bliss. The spirit of this site is in the Vedas, Shivagamas and Thirumurais.

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Prayer of the day

आत्मार्पणस्तुतिरियं भगवन्निबद्धा यद्यप्यनन्यमनसा न मया तथापि । वाचापि कॆवलमयं शरणं वृणीतॆ दीनॊ वराक इति रक्ष कृपानिधॆ माम् ॥ ५० ॥