Thanjavur Periyakoil Sri Brahgathishvarar temple

God       : Peruvudaiyar (BRahathishwarar)
Goddess   : Periyanayaki (Bruhandnayaki)
Tree      : 
thiirtham : kAviri
Great saints visited : karuvUrthth thEvar


This temple was constructed by the chOza king rAjarAjan in the 11 th century. So the abode is also called rAjarAjEchcharam.


  • Very famous for its architectural beauty
  • The Shiva Lingam in the Sanctum Sanctorum and the nan^dhi are made out of one stone. They are among the biggest in India.
  • The shade of the tall vimAnam contained inside and not falling outside its perifery at any time of the day is exclaimable


State    : Tamil Nadu
District : Thanjavur
Situation: One of the Major Town of Tamilnadu. Temple is near the old bus stand.