thirunAvukkarasar Dhevaram

The kaviyOgi, who vitalised the Shaivism in the Tamil land in spite of being tortured for adhering to this great religion by the fanatics of the other religion, has blessed the land with the songs characterised by deep philosophic sense yet very simple in style kindling the hearts of the people for a great Shaivite awakening. This great sage who is revered as an eye of Shaivism lived for 81 years and sang a huge number of hymns (49,000) on the Lord Siva Whose fame is endless. Of these glorious 49,000 hymns what we have got today thanks to the renowned emperor rAjarAja are only 312 padhikams (approx 3,000 hymns). These have been sung on 126 abodes.

The fourth, fifth and sixth thirumuRai that were given by the sage thirun^Avukkarachar are called dhEvAram . The first to seventh thirumuRais are collectively known as thEvAram as well. But in specific the first three are called thirukkadaikkAppu , the next three being thEvAram and the seventh is thiruppAttu . These hymns are the outpouring of the devotion of the great sage who was quite reveredly called by thirunyAnachampan^dhar as appar . In these hymns the way the devotee considered himself as a humble servant of the Lord who owns everything is very impressive. He often praises the immense grace of the Lord for blessing him who was not once worshipping Him. Indicating that in most of his padhikams especially the tenth hymn will be praising the Lord who suppressed the ego of rAvaNan and blessed him later. These thEvArams kindle the light in oneself and helps in attaining a state that is as good as liberation.

The fourth thirumuRai consists of the hymns that were sung in many paN s(1). The fifth thirumuRai consists mainly of thirukkuRun^thokai a type of song that is very small in length and beautiful. The sixth thirumuRai is full of another type of song which is quite popular and called thiruththANdakam . This particular song type is not available through the works that are earliar to thirun^Avukkarachar perumAn. These songs are very simple and easily understandable in nature and can attract people who have very little knowledge in the literature as well as the scholars. Hence thirun^Avukkarachar perumAn is called thANdakach chadhurar, thANdaka vEn^dhar . These are used by the sage to give high spiritual thoughts in a way that is easily understood even by the masses. In the entire thirumuRai thirun^Erichai, thiruviruththam, thirukkuRun^thokai, thiruththANdakam are the song types that are sung only by appar.

He established many monasteries and pracitced shivayoga through his long stretch of life. His splendid songs full of humbleness and ardent devotion towards the Supreme rich with the hailing of the Lord's Holy Feet are so powerful that they completely guarded him against all the evils committed against him by the religious fanatics of his time. Those who involve in his highly devotional words would certainly think, "No wonder, God gave him the name 'The king of words' (thirunAvukkarasu)."

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