The history of Perumizhalaik Kurumba nAyanAr

Surrounded with the fields where the bunches of bananas sleep on the green leaf bed sheets is the town perumizalai in the mizalai kingdom. The town was rich with people whose knowledge of the Truth brought chastity to their hearts, which was the reflection of the white Holy Ash on their forehead. The head of the town peru mizalaik kuRumbanAr was the head of devotion and slave of the slaves of Matted haired Lord. The man of exclaimable wisdom utilized his knowledge in serving the servants of the Serpent clad shankara even when they did not explicitly ask for it. He was looking forward to serve them; It was the pleasure he was looking for; it was his prime duty. The two feet of the Lord that are softer then the petals of the rose resided on the lotus of his heart enjoying the fragrance of his love.

Host of many admirable characters he hosted the devotees of the Lord holding Dreadful axe, providing them limitless food and wealth. Still he was humble and pleasant to those unattached devotees. The selfless ceaseless service introduced him to the great devotee who asks everything only to the God, sun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr(1). Knowing that it is the association with the good that evolves into the liberation, he held that great devotee in his thoughts whose thoughts always pondered around the paramEshwar. Following that splendid devotee he attained the eight great powers. For him above all those powers were the peerless Holy five letters and chanting them with the tears of joy rolling down raising up the devotion. His love, yoga and service continued unperturbably.

Meanwhile the slave of the Beautiful Lord, sun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr went to the capital of chEra kingdom koduN^gOLUr ruled by chEramAn perumAL n^AyanAr(2). sun^dharar by the splendid blessings of the Lord of thiruvanychaikkaLam, got the white elephant to come to the Lord's abode thirukkayilai . The great perumizalaik kuRumba n^AyanAr who had wonderable spiritual vision and wisdom felt this great event in his heart. When his eyelike sun^dharar perumAn is proceeding to the great Mount, he did not want to stay on the earth. He wanted to reach that blissful place that day itself by yOga. With the four karaNam s coming together in absoluteness of good knowledge, the air proceeding strictly in the brahma n^Adi to the center of the skull, with the secret door opening there, n^AyanAr reached ahead the thirukkayilai to reside in the Eternal feet of the Lord shiva. Let the splendid yogic wisdom of the perumizalaik kuRumba n^AyanAr, got by serving the Lord and Its devotees stay in the mind.

n^Alu karaNaN^gaLum onRAy n^alla aRivu mERkoNdu ,
     kAlum pirama n^Adivazik karuththuch cheluththak kabAlan^adu ,
     Ela vEmun payinRan^eRi eduththa maRaimUlan^ thiRappa ,
     mUla mudhalvar  thiruppAdham aNaivAr kayilai munnadain^dhAr

  • gurupUjai : ADi - chiththirai
  • Birth place of perumizhalaik kuRumba nAyanAr

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