Somnath temple - Pictures

Somnath temple, Gujrat. Somnath temple, Gujrat. Somnat temple, Gujrat. Somnat temple, Gujrat.
Somanth temple Somnath with backdrop of ocean - long view somanath temple Somnath jyotirling temple - side view Somnath at sunrise Sunrise worshipping Lord Somnath
Somnath jyotirling illuminated Glittering Somnath in the night illuminated somanadhar temple side view Lord Somnath temple - Night sideview somanathar temple in bluie light Somnathji temple like the blue sky
somnath temple with om light Om reflected on the Lord Somanath temple glorious jay somnathThe Golden Somnath Mandir somanath temple at veraval outside view Somanatha temple in daylight

Many of the picutres in this page are courtesy of Sri. Pandya Rajen, Ahmedabad.

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