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Hindu Temples in Muscat (U.A.E.)

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  • Shiva Mandir, Mutrah, Old city of Muscat - pradosham celebrated with abhishekam chanting rudram, shivaratri with EkAdasa rudram.
  • Krishna temple, Darsait, (RUWI)
  • Shiva Temple at Muscat (near Sultan's Palace) which is 33 km from Seeb Air Port and is in the heart of the city. The Name of deity is"MOTIESWAR" built by Gujarathies of India settled before 400 years. The age of the temple is 350 years and earlier it was inside the Old Palace. The temple was extensively renovated before 10 years. There is a well which has water throughout the year though Muscat is a desert. During the Mahasivrathry more than 20,000 hindus flock the temple throughout the day and night and Abhishekams take place from 5am to 12 in the midnight with 3 arties. Regular vedic chanting takes place with Mahanyasam and rudra and chamakams.Rudra Kramarchana is also done by the vedic group. Many religious discourses take place in the temple hall. Daily flowers,cow's milk and Bhel Patrams come from the farms of the trustees and the affluent gujrathies for the temple requiremnets. The timing of temple is from 6 am to 11 am and from 5 to 9 pm.

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