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Goa Lord Shiva Temples

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  • Bardez District Temples

    • Aldona Advalpale - Mahadev temple, Sri Sharvani Devasthan.
    • Aldona Assonora Lord maheshwar temple
    • Aldona Bhatan Omkhan Shree Dadeshwar Temple
    • Aldona Kasarpal Sal - Sri Mahadev Bhumika Temple, in village Sal, 5-km From Kasarpal
    • Aldona Sankhaleshwar Temple
    • Calangute - Ghagreshwar Temple
    • Mapusa - Bandeshwar Temple
    • Mapusa - Godhaneshwar temple
    • Mapusa - Mahadev Mandir
    • Mapusa Bastora Siddheshwar Temple
    • Mapusa Ghateshwar Temple
    • Mapusa - Vishveshvara temple
    • Saligao - Chaurangeenath Temple
    • Saligao Bondgini Bodgeshwar Temple
    • Saligao Parra Mahadev temple
    • Saligao Taleshwar Temple
    • Siolim Bandeshwar Temple
    • Siolim Camurlim Poreshwar Temple
    • Siolim Chapora Siddeshwar Temple
    • Siolim Chapora Siddheshwar Atchutanand Temple
    • Siolim Khadneshwar temple
    • Tivim Bhootnath Temple
    • Tivim Colvale Road Mahadev Temple
    Ancient Tambdi Surla Shiva temple, Surla, Goa, India.
  • Bicholim District Temples

    • Bicholim Baingineshwar Shrine
    • Bicholim Curca Shree Nagesh Maharudra Temple
    • Bicholim Lord Shankar Temple
    • Bicholim Mahadev Temple
    • Maem Karapur Mahadev Temple
    • Maem Wadeshwar Temple
    • Sanquelim Adinath temple?
    • Sanquelim Alto Porvorim Maharudra Temple
    • Sanquelim Alto Porvorim Neel khand Brahmwshwar
    • Sanquelim Amona Koneshwar Temple
    • Sanquelim Amona Mahadev TempleVishveshwara temple, Mapusa, Goa, India.
    • Sanquelim Bayem Mardandeshwar Khuteshwar Temples
    • Sanquelim Boma Mahadev Temple
    • Sanquelim Boma Mallikarjun Temple
    • Sanquelim Brahmeshwar Temple
    • Sanquelim Britona Mahadev Mandir
    • Sanquelim Chandreshwar Mahadev
    • Sanquelim Donwada Chavdeshwar Temple
    • Sanquelim Gaundalim Mallikarjun Temple
    • Sanquelim Gopaleshwar Mahadev Temple
    • Sanquelim Gulei Kuteshwar Temple
    • Sanquelim Harvalem Rudreshwar Temple, 45 kms from Panaji
    • Sanquelim Khuteshwar Temple
    • Sanquelim Kudmeshwar MandirRudreshwar temple, Goa, India.
    • Sanquelim Kudne Kudneshwar temple
    • Sanquelim Kudne Mahadev Temple
    • Sanquelim Maharudra Temple
    • Sanquelim Malem Mahadev Temple
    • Sanquelim Mangali Pimpleshwar Temple
    • Sanquelim Mavalantad Toneshwar Temple
    • Sanquelim Nagnath Temple
    • Sanquelim Pale Mahadev Mandir
    • Sanquelim Ranewadda Parye Mahadev Temple
    • Sanquelim Sancordem Mahadeva Temple
    • Sanquelim Tivrem Shivanath Temple
    • Sanquelim Velguem Mahadev Temple
  • Canacona District Temples

    • Bali Shri Kuneshwar Temple
    • Canacona - Shri Lakhneshwer TempleSiddheshwar temple, Goa, India.
    • Canacona Barcem Siddheshwar Temple
    • Canacona Cotigao Sri Mallikarjun Temple
    • Canacona Gaodongrem Shree Saptkoteshwer Devsthan Kudewada
    • Canacona Shri Agondeshwar Temple
    • Canacona Shri Mallikarjuna Temple
    • Cancon Mallikarjuna Temple
    • Canacona Tiloi Ghodya Paik Mahadev Devasthan
    • Gaondongrim Shree Mallikarjun Temlpe
    • Morpirla Saptakoteshwar Temple
  • Mormugao District Temples

    • Mormugao - Kamaleshwar Khapreshwar Temple
    • Mormugao Bellabai Mahadev Khapri temple
    • Mormugao Dabolim Mahadev Temple
    • Mormugao Gomateshwar Temple
    • Mormugao Shiva Mandir
    • Mormugao Shri Durgamata Shiv Mandir
    • Mormugao Shri Yallalingeshwar Punyashram
    Ramnath temple, Goa, India.
  • Pernem District Temples

    • Corgao Kamleshwar Maharudra temple
    • Mandrem Bhagavati Sapteshwar Temple
    • Pernem Bhootnath Temple
    • Pernem Dadsakhleshwar temple
    • Pernem Dhareshwar Temple
    • Pernem Jagrut Siddheshwar Temple
    • Pernem Kadshi mopa Rameshwar Temple
    • Pernem Kunbeshwar Temple
    • Pernem Mahadev Temple
    • Pernem Mahadev Temple
    • Pernem Parse Mahadev Mandir
    • Pernem Saleshwar Temple
    • Pernem Sapteshwar, Near Morjim
    • Pernem Vetaleshwar Temple
  • Ponda District Temples

    • Khandepar Somnath Mahadev Temple
    • Marcaim Adpai Somnath Temple
    • Marcaim Bangeshwar Temple
    • Marcaim Masandev Shiva TempleThe famous Mangesh temple, Goa, India.
    • Marcaim Shivim Temple
    • Marcaim Shree Ramnathi Temple

      The original shrine at Loutolim was shifted to Bandora in the 16th Century. The village Ramnathi is named after the deity.

    • Marcaim Shri Mangesh Temple, 23-km From Panaji

      Its origins are in Kushasthali (Salcete) which fell to the invading Portuguese in 1543. On May 1, 1560 the Saraswats of vatsa gotra shifted the Mangesh linga from Kushasthali to its present location at Mangeshi. 

      The current edifice was built under Maratha rule, 150 years later. The Peshwas donated the village of Mangeshi to the temple in 1739 on the suggestion of their Sardar, Ramchandra Malhar Sukhtankar, who was a follower of Shree Mangesh (the kuldevata or family god of many hindus in Goa). 

      Legend has it that the Mangesh linga was consecrated on the mountain of Mangireesh (Mongir) on the banks of river Bhagirathi by Lord Brahma, from where the Saraswat Brahmins brought it to Trihotrapuri in Bihar. They carried it to Goa and settled at Mathagrama (today's Margao), establishing their ancient temple of Mangesh on the banks of the river Gomati (Zuari).

    • Marcaim Shri Nageshi Temple

      Nagueshi or Nagesh is a form of Lord Shiva. The temple constructed in 1780 AD lies in verdant surroundings at Nageshi in Ponda. A 1413 AD stone inscription in the Nagueshi temple speaks of Purush Shennvi's son Maee Shennvi of Kullalogram (Kuncoliem) who had granted the village of Bandode (Bandivade) to carry out the rituals of Shree Naguesh and Shree Mahalakshmi temples. 

      The temple has Agrashalas with well-equipped rooms and halls for weddings. It has a gallery on both sides that contain intricate woodcarvings of events in the Ramayana and images of Astadikpal and Gandharva (rituals).

      Nagesh temple, Goa, India.
    • Marcaim Shri Vetaleshvar Temple
    • Marcaim Talaulim Bhutnath Temple
    • Marcella Goa - Sri Mallinath Temple
    • Ponda - Zareshwar Temple
    • Ponda Bethoda Langadeshwar Temple
    • Ponda Bori Siddhanath Temple
    • Ponda Borim Siddhanath Parvat
    • Ponda Codar Shri Somnath Temple
    • Ponda Kamaleshwar Temple
    • Ponda Kapileshwar Temple
    • Ponda Mahadev Temple
    • Ponda Queula kamleshwar Temple
    • Ponda Ram Nakteshwara Temple
    • Ponda Shankar Parvati Ganesh Mandir
    • Ponda Shanti Nagar Shivalay
    • Ponda Shree Mahadev Devasthan
    • Ponda Somnath Temple
    • Ponda Trishuleshwar Temple
    • Ponda Wamaneshwar Temple
    Chandreshwar Bhutnath temple, Goa, India.
  • Quepem District Temples

    • Curchorem Kakoda Mahadev Temple
    • Curchorem Cacora mahadev temple
    • Curchorem Odar Mahadev Temple
    • Curchorem Mahadev Temple
    • Quepem Chandor Shiva temple

      Excavated 4th Century

    • Quepem - Shri Chandreshwar Bhutnath Temple
    • Quepem Assolda Shiv Temple
    • Quepem Assolda Temple Of Kshetrapal
    • Quepem Cotambi Mahadev Temple
    • Quepem Rivona Shri Vimaleshwar Temple
    • Quepem Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple
    • Quepem Shri.Mudreshwar Devasthan
    • Quepem Siddheshwar Temple
    • Quepem Sirvoi Someshwar Temple Sirvoi
    • Quepem Somnath Temple
  • Salcete District Temples

    • Curtorim Shiroda Shree Rayeshwar Temple
    • Curtorim Shiroda Virbhadra Temple
    • Curtorim Gogleswar temple
    • Curtorim Jalminath Temple
    • Curtorim Mandaleshwar Temple
    • Curtorim shivnathi temple
    • Curtorim Temple of Sri Ramnath
  • Sanguem District Temples

    • Sanguem - Chandreshwar Temple
    • Sanguem Dhadem Goa Nagnath Betal Temple
    • Sanguem Kalay Kalinath Temple
    • Sanguem Mahadev Temples

      Transplanted due to dam

    • Sanguem Mallikeshwar Temple
    • Sanguem Sangameshwar Temple
    • Sanguem Shigao Mahadev Temple
    • Sanguem Siddheshwar Temple
    • Sanvordem Dabal Somnatha Balbim Temple
    • Sanvordem Somnath Temple
    Tambdi Surla temple, ASI, Goa, India.
  • Satari District Temples

    • Valpoi - Ancient Temple - Shiva?
    • Valpoi Dongurli Mahadev Temple
    • Valpoi Kankumbi Lingacha Devul Rameshwar Temple
    • Valpoi Shivgajanan
    • Valpoi Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple, Very Ancient, (near Karnataka border), 69-km off Panaji,
  • Tiswadi District Temples

    • Corlim Dhondeshwar Temple
    • Cumbarjua Azossim Mahadev Temple
    • Cumbarjua Carambolim Gudeshwar Temple
    • Cumbarjua Dadeshwar TempleTatpurusheshwar temple, Goa, India.
    • Cumbarjua Hatakeshwar Temple
    • Cumbarjua Koteshwar Tali
    • Jua - Thapneshwar Temple
    • Panaji Bhutnath / Dadeshwar Temple
    • Panjim Apteshwar Sidhivinayak temple
    • Panjim Lord Shankar Temple
    • Panjim Pimpleshwar Dutta Mandir
    • Panjim Rumdeshvar Datta Mandir
    • Standre Mahadev Temple
  • Kasarvarnem Mahadev Temple
  • Makdaye Mahadeva Temple
  • Kurdi - Mahadev Temple
  • Tatpurusheshwar temple

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