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Whom else to think of

Thinking place a major role in deciding one's future irrespective of whether that person brings it into action or not. Though the superfluous actions depend on what that person intends to do and is in the control of the person concerned, the actions that happen at the subconscious levels depend mainly on what kind of feelings he is generally under. Whether one sees the repercusions of the thoughts in the immediate future or not he /she would feel it certainly in long run if a proper introspection is made. In fact it may be astonishing to note that even the form and appearance of people may change in accordance with their thoughts. So it becomes very important to lead our thoughts in the way that yields maximum benefit. It should be one of the major aspects due to which our ancestors followed the fruitful procedure of chanting ma.ntras like the shiva panchAkshara. When one keeps thinking all the times about shiva he/she gets the form of shiva (This is one of the liberation state called sArUpyam).

There is a story of a sage and prostitute. A prostitute lived in a house opposite to that of a sage. The sage everyday did the rituals without failure. But his mind was always thinking and lamenting about the prostitution that used to happen in the opposite house. But the thinking of the prostitute was always inspired by the sage and the holy deeds he used to do everyday. She fell sick after some time suffered and died. The sage due to his discipline and rituals lived long and then died. After their death he was taken to Hell while the prostitute was allowed in the Heaven. He was explained that they got the correct prize for their thoughts.

shiva as the pathi who is never affected by the pAsam is always in the state of bliss enjoying in the self. He is the ideal thing for all of us pasus to think of in order to get rid of the bond(pAsam) that makes us suffer. He has thousands of holy names and thousands of graceful forms. If we think only about Him and nothing else and enjoy it indefinitely it is the ideal situation one can ever think of on this earth.

ponnAR mEniyanE puliththOlai araikkachaiththu ,
minnAr chenjchadaimEl miLirkonRai aNin^dhavanE ,
mannE mAmaNiyE mazapAdiyuL mANikkamE ,
annE unnaiyallAl iniyArai n^inaikkEnE.
							 - sun^dharar

Oh! gold like bodied! with the skin of the tiger worn in the waist, on the lightning like red matted hair ornated by the blooming flower konRai ! my Lord ! Oh, great gem ! emerald of mazapAdi I won't think of anyone other than you

Posted on: 17.01.1997

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