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Truth in Thirunyana Champandhar's Thevaram


thirunyAna champan^dhar was requested very much by his parents to get married. Though he was not interested in it, to fulfill their wish he got married. Though getting married is not a bad thing or a thing not not to be done by devotees, He had sung in one of the songs earlier, "Oh ! Lord with matted hair ! You saved me from getting swayed by the pleasures of enjoying female parts" (mulaiththada mUzkiya pOkaN^kaLu maRRavaiyu mellAm chilaiththalai yAvaNaN^ koNdemai yANda virichadaiyIr) So he thought if he enjoys the pleasure of married life then what will the devotees think of the praises he sang to the Lord ?


kallUr perumaNam vENdA kazumalam
pallUr perumaNam pAttumey yAyththila
chollUr perumaNam chUdalarE thoNdar
n^allUr perumaNam mEya n^ambAnE

This marriage is not wanted. Otherwise the hymns sung in Kazumalam (sIrkAzi) and other places, will be not considered true by the devotees. Oh God of Nalluur Perumanam.

thirunyAnachampan^dhar in this hymn didn't say that his words will not be considered true by the devotees. He being a true slave of the Lord didn't bother about his fame. But he says that whatever praise that was sung by him about the Lord will not be considered true by the devotees if he acts in contradiction to what was sung by him. This alone is sufficient for one to decide how absolute is the truth in his hymns, as he fears about a contradiction between words and deed even in one hymn !! A light appeared in the temple immediately by the grace of God and thriunyAnachampan^dhar with his wife and other devotees merged in the Lord through that light making his statement true and flawless

Let the Lord guide to that perfection of thirunyAnachampan^dhar in following the truth and keeping one's own words and above all not to act in any way that will give bad name for the devotees of that perfect God.

Posted On: 16.08.96

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