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Thoughts - Whom to depend

Normally all the deeds we do in day to day life is aimed at some result. So a question arises what does one get worshipping the God? The blessed friend of the Lord, chun^dhara mUrthi n^AyanAr tells the answer crystal clear in one of his hymns.

What does one need in life ? The basic needs such as food, cloths and shelter. Then a life that is peaceful - miseriless. For everybody though some maywant some other things to be achieved, these would be the needs. The entire effort is spent in acheiving this. What all means one tries to achieve this ? There is a high dependency on others to achieve the most. Here is a major problem. When the thing that is expected out of somebody is refused or the concerned person is unable to give the result is suffering. At the same time many of the times it amounts to appease the person concerned with whatever words of praise one knows irrespective of whether the other person deserves such a praise or not. And even after such an adoration persons who have put the curtains of ego and illusion may fail to reciprocate to the requests. Result ? misery.

The mental tension and depression in anybody's life could be only because of some dependency. So when one gets freed from these unworthy dependencies and trust the Lord shiva who never leaves the devotees in lurch and helps if not in the form requested in some form that soothes the misery, he achieves the needs of the life. Not only this he finally gets to reside in the blissful Lord's abode itself. So why to bow down and praise the mortals ? Sing the Almighty. This does not mean to say that one should forget the duties, but the dependency should be only on the God. Here is that beautiful hymn.

thammaiye pukazn^dhu ichhai pEchinum chArvinum thoNdar tharukilA ,
	 poymmai yALaraip pAdAdhE en^dhai pukalUr pAdumin pulavIrkAL ,
	 immayE tharum chORum kURaiyum EththalAm idar kedalumAm ,
	 ammaiyE chivalOkam ALvadhaRkki yAdhum aiyuRavu illaiyE


Translation :

Even when praised with sweet words and depending on them, the untruthful people do not donate. Instead of singing them, oh poets, sing my Lord's thiruppukalUr ! This would fetch us in the present food and pleasent living, the miseries also vanish and later without any doubt can rule in the abode of shiva.

This hymn was sung by the devotee when he required money for feeding the devotees of the Lord of thiruvArUr on the paN^kuni uththiram day. He worshipped the Lord of thiruppukalUr and took rest for some time. When he woke up the bricks he had as pillow had become golden bricks. The selfless devotee praised the Lord with this hymn of truth. In the hymns that follow he explains how falsely people praise others deceiving and getting deceived. The wise would go for the wealth that God offers.

Posted On : 4.9.1997

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