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Thoughts - When is end of the world ?!

Off late there has been hype throughout the world crying that the world is very soon going to come to an end. One says this year, other one the next year and one more gives an exact date ! Generally these threaten the people that as the end is approaching one must have to follow so and so deeds in order to propitiate the God and escape from His ire ! These propagandas cash in from the fear of the people about their misdeeds getting punished.

In the first place why should one has to worry about dooms day when one adheres in spirit and action the supreme dharma - the righteousnous ? It is an answer of logic that the current actions determine the future. So why should there be the fear of life after death and dooms days ? When one wants to get out of the continuous wheel of this action- reaction karmas one holds to the stable feet of the Supreme through various means like devotion, wisdom and yoga, which liberates the person. For such a person what value would this end of the world hype be ?

In Hinduism the matured seeker worships the God because of the charactor, qualities and the Grace of the Supreme than because of the fear of the duties stipulated by the texts. The worship is for the bliss and the liberation should bring the bliss through the life on this earth itself and it is not just for escaping some punishment aftermath. If the world condition is deteriorating the ways of improving the adherance to dharma needs to be thought of and not to go with the hypes ! (While the sight into the future of the renowned texts like purANas and astrology is to be appreciated, the misinterpretation may lead to unnecessory scare).


What if the space breaks down on earth ? What if the peerless kings are enraged all together ? The Father Who resides in the abode of chERai chen^n^eRi is there, Why to fear ? 

Posted On : 13.09.1999

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