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Thoughts - Sambandhar's Pride


In the thirunyAna chambandhar's songs on the Supreme, the last hymn in each padhikam will have the signature stating that this was composed by sampandhar. Because of this identification called thirukkaDaikAppu sambandar's thEvAram is referred to as thirukkaDaikkAppu. In these hymns that says the glory of the singing of the Lord's fame, which is proclaimed to be the way of getting liberation by vedas, the great prodigy refers to himself with well qualified adjectives like, thamiz viragan, mAmaRai nAnginODu aN^gamORARum vallavan vAymaiyinAl nAmaru kELvi nyAna chambandhan, pArin malikinRa pugaz ninRa thamiz nyAna chambandhan, sandhaN^koL chambandhan, chandhaiyAl thamiz nyAnachambandhan, thakka chIrp pugalikku man thamiz nAthan nyAna chambandhan and various other colorful words.

One may raise a question, how can the devotee pridefully refer to himself, instead of being humble. The marvelous pundit, thiruvaLLuvar has given the answer many centuries in advance ! perukkaththu vENDum paNidhal chiRiya 
churukkaththu vENDum uyarvu 
This means, "When one stands big there should be humility and when small needed is pride." It is quite important to understand the significance of this. It is well known why being proud is bad when one is glorified to be on the top of the world. It is also important that one stands up to his/her self-pride in the situations where one can be ignored to be of any significance. Imagine, otherwise the words, contribution of that person however great it would be gets overlooked. This is a day to day reality.

The great nyAna chambandar started to sing the Lord in his third year itself. This prodigy dwelled in this world driving away the darkness till his sixteenth year. In this tender and short time, it established the shaivite glory in the tamiz land. From his own words we see that others were worried about his tender age pAnal vAyoru bAlan IN^givan enRu nI pariveydhiDEl). sampandar by his marvelous words tell us that he is not certainly small one to be run over because the Lord's magnificent Grace is with him. ( InargaTku eLiyEnalan thiru AlavAy aran niRkavE). If he doesn't act in pride of having His Grace, it would show a lack of faith in the marvelous blessing the Lord has shown, which this great devotee would never accept. In the name of soft corner for a small kid that tries to write poems, if one start evaluating the shaivite beacon nyAna chambandhar, they are at loss ! This great kid has played in its words the glorious tamil with the hymns like thirumAlaimARRu, thiruviyamakam, thiruvirAgam and so many others. What all melodies this divine kid has used that could even go past the playability on yAz instrument !! No wonder, sundharar praises him as innichaiyAl thamiz parappum nyAna chambandhan, naRRamiz vall nyAnachambandhan etc. By reading through his glorious hymns one just wonders what a great boon thamiz shaivism and the world has got and who can think of a soft corner !!

Compare this with the humility with which the other great saint of the same time, thirunAvukkarasar refers to himself ! This great saint lived till eighty two years. Whether he was in Jainism or in Shaivism he was very much considered a leader and a well learnt scholar. He knew so many languages, won the debates with renowned philosophers and respected for his ripe age and maturity. This sage who stood on the top of reverence was very humble, that if one would need to say how humble a devotee should be the natural reference should go to appar perumAn. This is very well to be seen through periya purANam also. So these two eyes of shaivism, appar and sambandhar are the best examples, who excelled in their life and service, for this tiny little kuRaL.

Posted On : 30.04.2001

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