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Thoughts - Even if I suffer

People with little devotion tend to forget the God under two major circumstances. One is when they are well off, dwelving in the illusion that everything is under their control - the ego that is well grown in their mind makes this illusion well formed. On the other hand if a person who prays to the God sincerely, is put into some suffering he tries to denounce the God saying even after my sincere worship why should the God give me troubles ? Many failures happen at this point. People become disgusted and hopeless. But is that the way we should act ? We have to learn from the life of thirunyAna champan^dhar.

shiva pAdha hrudhayar, father of champan^dhar wished to do a big yAga. For that he required a lot of money. He conveyed his wish to his son. champan^dhar felt it is his duty to fulfill the right wish of his father. But where will he go for that much of money ? He was not working for a mortal king to ask for. He didn't save a lot of money. He spent his time entirely in the praise of shiva. There was no human he depended upon or served for monitory benefits. A condition which is big enough to destabilize a person and make him go directionless. But champan^dhar went to the Lord shiva in thiruvAvaduthiuRai with the highest confidence that He never leaves His devotees in lurch at any point of time.

idarinum thaLarinum enadhuRun^Oy
     thodarinum unakazal thozudhezuvEn
	 kadalthanil amudhodu kalan^dhan^anychai
	 midaRinil adakkiya vEdhiyanE

idhuvO emaiyALumARu IvadhonRemak killaiyEl
adhuvO umadhinnaruL AvaduthuRai aranE


Translation :

Even if I get disturbed even if I get disgusted and even if my suffering continues I will continue to worship your feet. Oh! the reciter of vEdAs, who controlled the poison in the throat that came along with the nector from the ocean. 
If this the way you govern us and don't have anything to give me, I accept that as your blessing, Oh harA of AvaduthuRai

He is strong in his principles. I have surrendered myself to you. Whatever way you take care of me is completely upto you. My duty and pleasure is just in praising you and serving you irrespective of what you give back in return. The Lord may enjoy the try of we kids to get up and walk and our falls in that process. But as the most loving mother He never sits idle when we are about to fall from a height and get hurted. He comes immediately for prevention. He granted to champan^dhar a bagful of 1000 golden coins ! Faith in Him always pays.

Posted On : 27.1.1997

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