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Call your neighbors to not miss the opportunity

thiruvempAvai, the songs that rhymes the hearts of devotees through the month mArkazi has a theme quite inspiring and awakening. The ladies who are devoted to the Beloved Lord shiva go to worship the God. They go ahead on their own, but call the companions knocking on their houses and taking the pain of waking them up to join in the glory. This is not the theme of one song but it is the concept that flows through thiruvempAvai. In the recent times we could see that many are quite devoted and well learnt however not coming out to share the information that could illuminate the lives of the fellow souls ! This is true with Hindus in general and shaivites especially. Isn't the Limitless Wealth - our Lord, for all the souls in the world ?

In fact the need of the hour is to ensure that the option and necessary information is available to all without any restrictions. When we say, "the world be free from sufferings." we mean it and we need to share the bliss we get to all around us. If the ancient sages had not cared to share their enlightenment with us and the great saints cambandhar, appar and sundharar not traveled to the villages across rough roads to singing the ease of reaching God with devotion, how would we get such treasures that guide us to that Supreme ?! There needs to be no law that enforces the adherence to this glorious path, as that is not what our saints preached. For all the darkness around the best way to fight would be to light the lamp than furiously trying to fight with it. basavaNNa beautifully puts, "The strength of wisdom is the way of destruction of ignorance. The strength of light is the way of destruction of darkness." Definitely ensuring our loved ones (why not even foes - the God is common for them too!) didn't miss the message is something everyone could do, so do these girls in thiruvempAvai.

In spite of the great opportunity next to them there would be those who enjoy the cozy sleep of inertia, like the girl on bed in these songs. They not only act against their own prospects but also hinder the others who have the inclination to utilize the moment for seeking the Supreme Truth. While being kind enough on the girl who had not joined them for worship to knock her door, the devotees in thiruvempAvai are not distracted by the dullness of the girl enjoying a morning sleep, but decide to proceed ahead in their aim to pray. Let us pray that those who roll down even when known about the Splendid God, sooner would take up the glory they postponed.

May the whole world prosper in the shower of the Grace that uplifts the souls to the Supreme ! Hail the Glorious Feet that keeps us in Bliss !!

pORRi yAm uyya AtkoNDaruLum ponmalargaL.

Posted On : 07.01.2003

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