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The Veedhaas praise our Lord as "Sathyoojaatham". It is considered to be one of the faces of Lord Shiva. The word Sathyoojaatham means appearing immediately. Shiva Perumaan appears immediately as soon as we devotees call Him for rescue

A young child was standing in the bank of the pond in "Siirkaazi". His father was taking a holy dip in the pond. When the father immersed himself in the water, the child got freightened and started crying, "Oh, My Father".(Appaa). The God, whom the Great people call, "the form of Love", appeared on the Holy Bull in immediate response to this call, before the father of the child could respond. Oh! No doubt. He is the father for the humans, creatures all the creations of Him. He asked His consort Umaa dheevi to give the crying child the "Milk of knowledge". That child became the great Thirugnana Sambandhar.

The Pandiya King who ruled Madurai once went for a hunt in the forest. Then he killed a wild pig. Seeing this the female pig also fought with him and finally died in the fight. So all their offspring were left uncared. They cried in hunger. The God being the Divine Mother of all living beings, cared for those young lives, appeared before them as a mother pig. He gave milk to all those young lives. How blessed they are to have the milk from the Almighty ! They got the divine knowledge. Later they became ministers to guide the Pandiya King !! This incident is portrayed very well in the Thiruvilaiyaadal puraanam.

Do you think there can be an end to this list ? It may be just due to that the Veedhaas call Him "Dhaavathee" in Sri Rudhram - He is springs in before the devotees as soon as they call.

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