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Rescue in the final moment

pulanain^dhum poRikalaN^ki n^eRimayaN^ki aRivazin^dhittu aimmElun^dhi
alaman^dha pOdhAka anychElenRu aruLcheyvAn amarumkOyil
valamvan^dha madavArkaL n^adamAda muzavadhira mazaiyenRanychi
chilaman^dhi alaman^dhu maramERi mukilpArkkum thiruvaiyARE
thirunyAna champan^dhar

This is a song in the ThiruvaiyaaRRuth thiruppadhikam of Thiru Gnana Sambandhar, in the pan Meeka raakak kurinji (Niilaampari in Carnatic Music). This is one of the Padhikams that are sung for getting rain (Like the Amruthavarshini in Carnatic). There are three nice elements which makes us enjoy the song very much other than the excellent pan Mega raakak kurinji itself.
The first two lines describe the helplessness of the mortals in their final moments of life and the helping hand the Immortal offers to one who calls for. Think of a man in his final moments. It is very beautifully portrayed in these lines.

All his senses have gone out of control, he is not able to practice his routines, the thinking power is vanishing, body is not able to stand - so he has to lie on his body to even move. In that pathetic situation only the God id there to say "Don't be frightened, I'm there"

The third and fourth lines describe the natural beauty of the place ThiruvaiyaaRu. It is a place surrounded by five small rivers. It is a very beautiful place. Sambandhar 's song depicts the beauty in words for persons who haven't seen its beauty.

The girls who came to worship the Lord dance there, music instruments make a lot of noise. Thinking that this sound is a thunder some monkeys, frightened, climb the trees and look into the sky for clouds.

What a nice depiction !! 
See some more deep into it. Are we missing something. Oh Yes! The last two lines are not only the description of the beauty of the land, but also has a link with the theme that is said in the first two lines.
Like the monkeys which look into the sky while the source of noise where somewhere else, the man due to his ignorance and vanishing thinking capacity, worries himself thinking that the links he has in the world are real and durable, he forgets to taste the bliss with the real Truth, the God. For one who ,even after his dwelling in the world, calls the God for help in the final moments the God shows His Grace.



pulanain^dhum - the five senses, poRikalaN^ki - out of control of devices(ear, eye etc.), n^eRimayaN^ki - unable to find the right path, aRivazin^dhittu - the knowledge vanishes, aimmElun^dhi - lying on the body, alaman^dha pOdhAka - in that helpless situation, anychElenRu - saying "Don't be frightened" aruLcheyvAn - One who blesses. amarumkOyil - His temple, valamvan^dha madavArkaL - the girls who came circumambuting(Pradhakshana) the temple, n^adamAda - dance (or walk), muzavadhira - the music instrument "muzavu" (a taala vaadhya instrument made of leather, like tablaa, mridhangam) making loud noise, mazaiyenRanychi - fearing it to be rain(thunder), chilaman^dhi - some female monkeys, alaman^dhu - freightened, maramERi - climbing the trees, mukilpArkkum - looking into the sky for clouds, thiruvaiyARE - that kind of town "TiruvaiyaaRu".

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