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Hymn XLIX.- Tirupadai Yatchi The Marshalling Of The Sacred Host.


It was no easy taks to work out a version of this lyric, the rhythmic beauty of which is very remarkable. I have striven, at the risk of sundry irregularities in metre, to imitate the flow of the original; but the numberless allusions in a poem, which sums up the whole Caivite idea of the blessedness of Civan's final manifestation to the emancipated soul, will give the reader trouble, if he is at all to enter into its spirit. The metre itself is very unusual, resembling somewhat that of the Attys of Catullus, and is much admired by those who use the poem in their temple service. My rendering is, I believe, strictly and almost literally exact; but it differs in some respects from the Tamil paraphrases. The intense mystic fervour of the song must take itself felt ! 

I. His appearing. 

Eyes the twain His jewell'd Feet beholding shall be glad;- SHALL IT NOT BE?
Joy amid joys of damsels beautiful shall cease to lure;- SHALL IT NOT BE?
The round of birth in earthly worlds shall in oblivion pass; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Twin flow'ry Feet that Mal knew not adoring shall we bow; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
To sing with gladsome melody, and dance our endless task; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The warriors of the fair Pandi-land's Lord we shall sing; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The mystic change for which the heav'ns are glad will come; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
If He who cast the net-the Woodman,- come, in grace made manifest to me? (8)


One with one, and five with five,- the life shall last; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Thy servants' servants' servants made, we shall be free; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The Mother thinks on her young, and rising hastes; so shall He come; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The casual qualities that no beginning own shall fill the thought; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
At 'this is good,' and 'this is ill,' no more shall trembling shake; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
We too to join Thy saints above shall onward pass; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Th' Ambrosia supreme that fills my loving thought we then shall gain; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
If the bull's Lord, my Master, Whose I am, within my soul shall entering come? (16)


Bonds, changes, qualities, all loos'd and cast aside shall fall away; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Within my mind, erewhile with fancies fill'd Ambrosia supreme shall flow; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The Endless, Indivisible shall in us dwell; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The heav'nly Light, from endless days supreme shall then appear; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The pains from silly ones with crimson lips shall be dispell'd; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The sparkling eyes His sacred form shall then embrace; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Sorrow of grief-ful birth, that from illusions springs, shall all depart; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
If I can, my own loving Lord, in presence meet me here? (24)


The bliss to rest within His lov'd embrace shall we enjoy; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
In mercy's vast and boundless sea sweetly this day shall we disport; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The mystic music of the beauteous gems, within my soul shall thrilling sound; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The sacred ashes that the Lord for aye adorn shall we approach; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
'Mid steadfast loving ones foremost in service there shall I abide; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The flow'ry Feet, to even the mystic scrolls unknown, shall we adore; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The sweet red water-lily Flower my head shall crown; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
If Peruman, the gracious, -Ican, He Who owns, arise to visit me ? (32)


Fond fancies all, that valued earth's illusions vain, shall cease; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Before the flow'ry Foot to heavenly ones unknown we'll bow; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The perturbations all from blindness sprung shall cease; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The mind of loving saints this day shall greatly joy; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Entanglement of 'sex diverse,' and self shall now be loos'd; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
States manifold, their very names unknown, we'll'scape; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Innumerous mystic powers my soul shall then possess; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
If Peruman, the gracious Ican, He who owns, arise to visit me? (40)


The ashes white upon His sacred golden form all beauteous shine; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
A rain of flowers adoring hands of mighty saints shall shower; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The heart's intent of damsels bright with slender form shall then appear; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The sounds from smitten lyre that rise shall multiply delights; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
His servants' feet upon my head shall flourish then; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Himself to set His servants free shall forthwith come; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Sweet instruments of music duleet strains shall everywhere rehearse; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
If Ican, Whose of old I am, my Sire, in grace arise to visit me (48)


The pure gems' wordless music then shall rapture yield; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The light that hides within my soul sudden shall rise and burn; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
That manifold phenomena may cease the Deity shall come; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Experiences divine unknown before shall unfolding rise; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Distraction caused by those whose lovely brows are bows shall cease this day; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The Essence excellent that even heavenly ones know not shall be with us; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The eightfold qualities that know no bound shall we attain; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
If He, Whose crest the crescent moon adorns, to make us His in grace arise? (56)


From shell that music breathes the sounds shall then burst forth; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The qualities that quit not earthborn race shall fret no more; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Delusion that declares this good, or that, shall all die down; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
Our whole desire shall ask to serve His servants 'neath His feet; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The thought of damsels bright of eye shall then rejoice; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The bliss of Civan shared by glorious saints we then shall know; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
The heavenly all-pervasive Light Ambrosial shall we gain; -SHALL IT NOT BE?
If He, the endless Vedic Lord, to make me His in grace arise (64)

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