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Hymn XLVIII.- Pandaayanan Marai The Ancient Mystic Word.

I. No requital of electing grace. 

The ancient fourfold mystic word draws not anigh His seat;- 
Nor Mal nor Ayan Him have seen; yet me, the most abject, 
By grace He made His servant ! To Gokari's King, my heart, 

Say, is there any just return ? (4)

II. The great manifestation in Perun-turrai. 

Praise Perun-turrai ! There the King, who on the charger came, 
Abides, and gives a mighty flood of honied sweetness forth, 
By which my soul's threefold impurity is swept away;- 

So roots of 'birth's' wild forest die ! (8)

III. He assumes many characters to save men. 

In wilds a Hunstsman; in sea He casts a net; 
On land He rides the charger: thus our 'deeds' destroys. 
The fair foot-flower of Perun-turrai's Lord praise Thou, 

My heart, that error thus may die ! (12)

IV. The centre of Worship. 

Householders devout; saints who mighty 'deeds' destroy;- 
Those whom 'tis meet the world should bow before, and praise;- 
Immortals too in worship circling move, and laud ! O friends, 

In Perun-turrai blest adore ! (16)

V. Come, see the King. 

To Perun-turrai drawing near; that woes disperse, 
Ponder the King of lofty Gokari; and see 
Him Who with Her whose words are music sweet abides 

In Utt'ra-koca-mangai's shrine ! (20)

VI. Ever praise the God of Perun-turrai. 

The eyes that see Him there are all a rapture of delight;- 
The saints that cherish Him are freed from mortal birth;- 
The Mighty One, in Perun-turrai dwells for aye;- 

My heart, give Him unstinted praise ! (24)

VII. 'Perun-turrai' is the saving word. 

This is the purport sole of all men say; all speech 
Surpassing, gem-like word, as flawless jewels' sheen ! 
Utt'ring but 'PERUN-TURRAI,' I'm from 'births' released; 

That healing foot fixt in my mind ! (28)

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