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Hymn XXII - Koyitr Trirupathikam The Sacred Temple-Lyric



I. Show me Thy Face. 

With changing wiles the senses five bewilder me:

their course Thou dost close up, Ambrosial Fount! 
Come, Light Suprene, that ever springing fill'st my soul! 

and give me grace to see Thee as Thou art. 
Essential Sweetness pure! O mighty Civa-Peruman, 

Who dwell'st in Perun-turrai's sacred shrine! 
O Thou, the bliss all endless happy stations yield, 

transcending far, my Pleasure and my LOVE! (4)

II. Praise for grace imparted 

In LOVE, Thy servant's soul and body thrilling through, 

and melting all my heart with rapturous bliss, 
Thou hast bestowed sweet grace beyond my being's powers;- 

and I for this have no return to give! 
Thou art before! Thou art behind! Thou art the Free, 

through all diffus'd! Thou First, without and end! 
South--Perun-turrai's Lord! O CIva-Peruman! 

Civa-Puram's ever-glorious KING! (8)

III.Inspire me to feel and utter the very truth regarding Thee.

O KING, the slave of Thine own loving ones am I. 

Father! not soul alone but body too, 
Thou enterest melting, and with sweetness fill'st each pore.

Thou dost disperse false darkness, O true Light! 
Ambrosial Sea, whose clearness knows no ruffling wave! 

Civan, Who dwell'st in Perun-turrai's shrine! Thou Thought unique, thinking what passes word and thought! 

teach me to KNOW the way to speak of Thee! (12)


Sages that KNOW all else; the heav'nly ones and all

the others, scarce can KNOW Thee, Being rare!
Life of all lives, with none confused! My healing Balm, 

that from 'Embodiments' my spirit frees! 
Pure Light, clear shining 'mid the darkness dense! 

Civan, Who dwell'st in Perun-turrai's shrine! 
O Bliss, of qualities devoid! Henceforth to me, 

who have to Thee drawn nigh, what can there LACK? (16)


Fulness, that knows no LACK; ambrosial Essence pure! 

O unscaled mount of ever-blazing light! 
Thou art the Veda,- Thou the mystic Veda's sense.

Within my mind Thou coming, 'bid'st its Lord! 
As torrents burst their bounds, Thou rushest through my soul! 

Civan, Who dwell'st in Perun-turrai's shrine!
O King, my body hast Thou made Thine home; henceforth 

what blessings shall Thy suppliant ASK of Thee? (20)


That I may ever ASK and melt, within my mind, 

O Light, Thou dost arise! In beauty shines 
On heavenly heads the lotus of Thy roseate feet! 

Civan, who dwell'st in Perun-turrai's shrine! 
The boundless ether, water, earth, fire, air;- all these 

Thou art; and none of these Thou art; but dwell'st 
In these conceal'd, O formless One! My heart is glad 

that with these eves THIS DAY I've seen Thee clear! (24)


THIS DAY on me in grace Thou risest bright, a Sun, 

bidding from out my mind the darkness flee! 
That thought may cease upon Thy nature manifest, 

I think. Beside Thee all that is is nought,- 
Moving ever,- as atoms ever wasting,- Thou art One! 

Civan, Who dwell'st in Perun-turrrai's shrine! 
Thou art not anything; without Thee nothing is; 

who are they that can know Thee as Thou art? (28)


Expanse of light, that everywhere through every world, 

o'er earth and heaven springs forth and spread alone ! 
Thou Fire in water hid! O Pure One, if of Thee

we think, Thou'rt hard to reach. Fountain of grace, 
Upsprining in the thought devout, as honey sweet! 

Civan, in Perun-turrai's sacred shrine
Who dwell'st,- who are my kindered here, and strangers who?

my LIGHT. Thou changest all to rapturous joy! (32)


O Form, beheld in radiant LIGHT made manifest; 

Thou only Mystic Ones Who wear'st no form; 
Thou First! Thou Midst! Thou Last! Great Sea of rapturous joy! 

Thou that dost loose our being's bonds!
Thou sacred Hill of grace and good, from evil free! 

Civan in sacred Perun-turrai's shrine 
Who dwell'st! There is no way for Thee to part from me! 

Come, GIVE to me worship at Thy feet! (36)


What Thou hast GIVEN is THEE; and what hast gained is ME: 

O Cankara, who is the knowing one? 
I have obtained the rapturous bliss that knows no end; 

yet now, what one thing hast Thou gained from me? 
Our Peruman, Who for Thy shrine hast ta'en my thought!

Civan, Who dwell'st in Perun-turrai's courts! 
My Father, and my Master! Thou hast made this frame 

Thine home; for this I know no meet return! (40)

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