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Hymn XIX- Tiruththa Saangam The Sacred Ten Signs: The Royal Insignia

I. The Name of the King.

'Parrot fair and tender! soothly tell the glorious Name
Of Perun-turrai's King!'- 'Lord of Arur,- the ruddy Prince,-
The White-flower-god,-and he of the milky sea praised Him thus:

Name we our Peruman, the PRINCE OF GODS!' (4)

II. King Civan's Land. 

'O Emerald, whose blameless speech is sweet! The LAND declare
Owned by the Lord of all the sevenfold world, Whose own we are.'
'He rules His loving ones in love, and gives unfailing grace,

His LAND is aye the southern PANDI realm! (8)

III. The city of the King. 

'O babbling bird, dweller in flowery grove with fragrance filled!
What is the TOWN where dwells our Lord, the partner of the Queen?'
'The CITY Uttara-koca-mangai named by men devout

And true, as Civa-town on earth is prais'd! (12)

IV. The King's River

'Red-mouth'd, green-wing'd bright bird! Tell us the RIVER of the Sire
Who makes His home within our heart, great Perun-turrai's King!' 
'O maid, the Master's RIVER is the rapture sent from heaven, 

Come down, the foulness of our mind to cleanse.' (16)

V. The Mountain of the King. 

'O parrot purple-mouth'd! Tell me the ever-during MOUNT'
Of Perun-turrai's King, that hides its head in clouds.' -'O maid,
Behold and study well,-His MOUNT is bliss of sweet "RELEASE"; 

Where the soul's darkness flees, and light shines forth.' (20)

VI. The King's Courser.

'Come hither, parrot mine! and tell, before thou sek'st thy cage, 
The Lord of matchless glory, what rides He?'-'He joyous rides
Upon the COURSES of the sky;- with honied thought the maids 

Divine attending chaunt melodious praise!' (24)

VII. The King's Weapon.

'Parrot whose words are honey from the bough! What WEAPON pray
O'ercomes the foes of Perun-turrai's blameless King?'
'The triple WEAPON that He wields, transfixes threefold sin, 

Causing the souls from malice free to melt.' (28)

VIII. The King's Drum.

'Parrot, whose words as milk are sweet, tell me the martial DRUM
That awful sounds before our Perun-turrai's King!'-' In love
It bids the foe of "birth" confounded flee,- and makes arise

All bliss of heaven: the joyous NATHA-DRUM.' (32)

IX.The King's Garland.

'Parrot, whose word is music, say what is the GARLAND worn 
By Perun-turrai's LORD, Who dwells in hearts where love wells up?'-
'Who owns me, worthless cur, and daily wards off "evil deeds,"-

He wears as WREATH the Tali-arrugu.' (36)

X. The King's Banner.

'Green parrot of the grove declare, what BANNER glorious waves
Above the King of Perun-turrai's waters pure?'- 'Aloft
The stainless BANNER of the bull resplendent gleams 

In beauty manifest, while foes flee far.' (40)

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