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Hymn Xiii- Tiru Puvalli The Sacred Lily-Flowers Or Taking The Victory From Maya

I. Renunciation of other help.

His sacred Feet,- the twain,-soon as upon my head He placed, 
Help of encircling friends,- the whole,- I utterly renounced; 
In Tillai's court begirt with guarded streams, in mystic dance 
He moves. That Raftsman's glory SING, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (4)

II. Further experiences in Madyarjunam.

From father, mother, kindered, and all else that were to me 
As bonds, He set me free; made me His own,- the Pandi-Lord!
In Idai-maruthu, His dwelling, rapture's honey flowed. 
That sweet recess with song PRAISE WE, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (8)

III. Converting grace.

Us too, than dogs more vile, of worth and note He made to be;
With greater than a mother's tenderness, our Peruman
Cut off 'illusive birth,' made us His own; our 'deeds' so strong
Laid prostrate humbled in the dust; PLUCK WE THE LILY-FLOWERS! (12)

IV. The Rebel-rout.

They praised not the king of Tillai's town, 'mid well-tilled fields,
Dakshan renown'd, and Arukkan, and Eccan, Moon, and Fire! 
By Vira-bhadra with his demon host that fill'd the sky,
Sing how that day they suffer'd wounds; AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (16)

V. Perun-turrai and Tillai. 

Civan, the Lord, who on His 'lock' the honied cassia wears,
Took fleshy rom, sought me, and entering came; before the world
That I may dance, and utter triumph songs, in dance 
He moves! For Him, King of heaven's sons, PLUCK WE THE LILY-FLOWERS! (20)

VI. The Triads.

THREE fires He gave in gracious pity to the gods;
THREE heads to sever fire He sent from sacred brow, in grace;
THREE forms He wears, the Only-One, Incomprehensible;
THREE rebel towns He burnt; so PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (24)

VII. His gracious work.

He made my head to bow; my mouth to laud His cinctured Foot
He taught; gave me to join th'assemblage of His glorious saints;
And with the Queen, in Tillai's court adorned, dances our Peruman.
Sing we aloud His excellence, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (28)


He taught the pathway to the golden Feet of His great saints,
Praise ye the Master's grace that made me His and gave the sign!
'Old deeds' that made us wholly bond-slaves, sorely troubled us,
Sing how He brought to naught; AND SO PLUCK WE THE LILY-FLOWERS! (32)


That I might praise Him many a day, and service due perform,
The Mighty-One His fragrant foot-flower on my frame impress'd; 
A beauteous Light He shone, softened my heart, and made me His! 
Sing how those jewell'd Feet are gold, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (36)


That this my frame, mere mass of fierce desires, might pass away,
Great Perun-turrai's Lord placed on my head His glorious Foot.
KABALI,- Who, well pleased, black poison ate from out the sea, -
Sing we, amidst His warring foes, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (40)


The BEING INFINITE, with every varied sweetness filled;
The LORD, Who took my soul in joyous pomp; His sounding Feet
All dwellers in the world shall praise! That is the way of good!
That way sing we His glory now, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (44)


Heaven's Lord, and Mal, and Ayan, and the other gods He rules
As King, with attributes and signs that none may e'er attain; 
The fiery poison from the vasty sea, He made His food
Ambrosia; and thus sing we, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (48)


That day, beneath the banyan's shade, in grace the Vedas rare
He gave; the heavenly ones and mighty saints, each day, stood round,
And praised Him of the perfect Foot with cassia-flower adorn'd;
Its golden petal's dust sing we, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (52)


Fair pictured in my soul His Feet's twin flowers in grace He gave; 
The Lord, Who in Ekambam dwells, made here His chosen seat; 
In Tillai's sacred court, girt by wide walls, is now His home;
Sing how in mystic dance He moves, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (56)

XV. Dakshan's sacrifice.

Fire and the Sun, and Ravanan, and Andhagan, and Death, 
With red-ey'd Hari, Ayan, Indra, and the Moon-god too,
And shameless Dakshan and the Eccan: these their honour lost!
Singing His swelling glory now, PLUCK WE THE LILY-FLOWERS! (60)


The strong bull's Rider; Champion brave of those of Civa-town;
In Madura, earth-carrier; in grace He ate the cakes; 
Was smitten by the Pandiyan's staff, who claimed His service there.
Sing the song of the wound He bore, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (64)


The ancient Mal, Ayan, the heavenly ones, the Danavar, 
Knew not His sacred golden Foot, but joined in praise! 
Entering within my breast, He made me His! His ornament
The gleaming serpent SING WE THUS, AND PLUCK THE LILY-FLOWERS! (68)


That with desire insatiate my soul might ever joy
At sound of tinkling anklets on His glorious sacred Foot, 
In dance He moves,- the Lord of Perun-turrai's car-thronged streets.
This mighty rapture chaunting loud, PLUCK WE THE LILY-FLOWERS! (72)


The Perun-turrai-Lord, Who wears the hide of elephant; 
Who took a madman's form;- Who in this world became a child; 
Source of all heavenly bliss; great Uttara-koca-mangai's Prince;
As in our minds He entering cam, PLUCK WE THE LILY-FLOWERS! (76)

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