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The God Killed The Elephant Which Was Born From The Fire Of A Sacrifice Made By The Chamanals (Or Jains)

While Vicrama-Pandian reigned, he drove away all heterodox sects; confirmed the established religion; built a temple for the Sittar; and then ruled with justice and virtue. But a Chera king, who ruled in Kanchi-puri (Conjeeveram) and was of the Chamana faith, being resentful and treacherous and envious at the prosperity of the Pandian kingdom, assembled together eight thousand of the sect of the Chamunals from Anjanam and other lofty mountains; and commanded them to make a sacrifice with a view to effect the destruction of the Pandian king. Accordingly they made a sacrifice, the limits of which for the attendance of people extended over thirty Kadams, (or thirty miles), and the sacrificial pit itself occupied ten miles. Into this pit they poured margosa oil and gingelly oil, fruits of various kinds, and flesh of animals; and from the fire a monstrous black elephant was produced, which the king commanded to go and to destroy Madura. The elephant accordingly proceeded with great noise and rage, and the Chamunals followed. The Pandian hearing of its approach supplicated the god, who said, "Never mind, build me a mantapam and I will kill the elephant." Accordingly a mantapam, having sixteen pillars, was built; and the god came to it in the guise of a hunter. When the elephant approached, he directed against it a rocket, of the kind called Narasimma-astiram, which struck the elephant in the head and killed it; thereupon the Chamanals were dispersed by the troops of the Pandian; and such was the haste of the fugitives that their peacock-fans, their sleeping mats and drinking vessels, were broken to pieces. The spot became famous one named Pracalataren by worshipping the rocket that was left sticking in the elephant mountain, obtained a celestial gift; and one named Romasen by worshipping, and forming a tank bearing his own name, also received a like gift. The elephant mountain remains to this time, and Narasimma-swami resides there.

The Pandian, praising the hunter god, and receiving from him many gifts returned to Madura; had a son born to him, named Rajasekara Pandian; and prosperously continued his rule.


yAnaiyeitha padalam



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