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The God Opened North Gate, And Showed The Temple To The Chera King, Closing The Gate Afterwards With The Bullock Seal

A Chera king, who in consequence of clearing the forest for building the capital of Kanchi (Conjeeveram) obtained the name of Kadu-Vettiya-Cheran, being a devotee of Siva, and reading with pleasure the account of the sacred amusements, and other religious books of the Siva class, felt a great desire to see the temple at Madura; but not knowing how to accomplish this object, (from existing hostility) he pondered a long time over it. At length the god, in the form of a religious ascetic, appeared to him in a dream, and bid him go and visit Madura without any fear. On awaking, the king was both astonished and rejoiced. In obedience to the injunction he set out on horseback, unaccompanied, and after passing hills and forests, came to the north bank of the river Vygai, which river was then very full and impassable. While halting on the north bank the god appeared in the night, put on the Chera king's forehead the Saiva mark and carrying him over the river, opened the north gate and showed him every part of the temple. On returning, and dismissing the king, the god put on the gate a seal having the impression of the bullock, (the vahan of Siva) and left all carefully close. In the morning when the guards came they were astonished to find the seal changed during the night; and on going to the other gates found that there the seals which had been applioed were not altered. A report being made to the Pandian king, he came to examine into the circumstance; and with a view to discover how this wonder had been accomplished, he gave himself to fasting and prayer, with prostration on the ground in the temple. The god appeared to him in vision and explained to the king that he himself had admitted the Chera king, and sealed the gate with the bullock-seal. The king made this miracle known everywhere, and after living some time happily, he associated with himself his son, named Rajendra-Pandian, casuing him to be crowned; and he himself then obtained a place of note in the Swarga-logam, (or heaven of Indra); that is, he died.


vidai muththirai


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