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The Removal Of The Curse On The White Elephant

Durvasa-rishi was once worshipping the said image in the Tilivanam, when he took lotus flowers, and after presenting it to the God, carried it with him to Indra's paradise, who was then riding on his white elephant, and going to encounter the giants. He respectfully gave it to Indra, who laid it on the head of the elephant between its tusks but the animal threw it down, and trampled it under foot. For doing so Durvasa pronounced on it a curse, to the effect, "That it should become a wild elephant of the woods"; but as the animal implored mercy, the period was limited to a hundred years.


removal curse on white elephant

In consequence, while the elephant was in the tili forest, it one day poured water over the lingam, which on enquiry, learning the nature of the case, told the elephant to place as Indra-lingam at Airavatham. Having done so, a messenger came to recall it to Indra's abode, and the proposition being declined on the plea of worshipping at this place, another messenger was sent in obedience to which recall, the elephant went and again became the vahan, or vehicle, of Indra.


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