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The God Explained The Inner Meaning Of The Vedas

After the destruction of all things by the deluge, when the Vedas were produced by the (பிரணவம்) word of God, the rishis and Brahmins were embarassed to know their meaning. Hence they applied to Harra-pakthi (worshipper of Siva) who directed them to go to Madura, and learn from Sundaresvarer. Accordingly, after coming thither and bathing in the golden-lotus tank, they were met by the god, who told them that to worship the self-existing lingam, (or stone image) was the sum and substance of the Vedas. He then explained the issuing of the twenty-eight books of the Siva sect, from the centre mouth of Siva; and the Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharvana Vedas, from the other four mouths. moreover, stating that the sense of the Vedas was difficult to be made out, and of no very great consequence, he told them the real secret was the


explained the vEdha

duty of worshipping the lingam, a secret unknown to Brahma or Vishnu and charging on them due performance of his instructions, he gave them his blessing. The Rishis and Brahmis then sung praises to the god for condescending, by so brief a process, to instruct them in the true sense of the Vedas


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