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The God Showed The Boundaries Of The Town After The Place Had Been Destroyed By A Flood

The son of Suguna Pandian was Sitteraviruthen, his son was Sitterapushanen, his son was Sitteradavasen, his son was Sitteravarunen, his son was Sitterasenen, his son was Sittera vieramen, his son was Rajamarthanden, his son was Raja sudamani, his son was Raja sarrtulen, his son was Raja kulotthamen, his son was Ayodhana piravinen, his son was Rajakunjaren, his son was Pararajakunjaren, his son was Pararaja bayangaren, his son was Ukrashenen, his son was Satthurujeyen, his son was Virabaskaren, his son was Piratabamartanden, his son wasVicrama kanjugen, his son was Somar kollakalem, his son was Athulavicramen, his son was Athulakirrthi. Thus, in regular descent from father to son there were twenty-two kings who succeeded each other. While Athulakirrthi Pandian was reigning, he caused his son, Kirrthipushana Pandian, to be crowned; and he himself went to the world of Siva. While Kirrthipushanen was reigning the flood came; when the seven seas, bursting their bounds, rushed foaming together, so as to destroy all things; the following only being excepted, that is to say - the shrine of Indran! the shrine of the goddess; the golden lotus tank; the bullock mountain, formed by the tiruvilliadel of the god; the elephant mountain; the snake mountain, the cow mountain; and the pig mountain. Afterwards, by the favour of Siva, the waters disappeared and Brahma caused all beings and things as before to reappear; when also the Sora, Sera adn Pandian kings were restored.


thiruvAlavAyAna padalam


Vamashasegara Pandian, of the race of the Moon, was swaying the sceptre in some villages not far from the situation of the god, when as the number of mankind increased, the king besought the god to show the boundaries of a town which might receive these as inhabitants. In consequence the god came forth from the ancient lingam, in the form of a religious ascetic, with his usual ornaments and with serpents for jewels, and stood before the Pandian. To the serpent bound round the wrist of his front hand he said, "Show to the Pandian the boundaries of his town." The serpent, worshipping the god, said, "Let this town bear my name." Which request being granted, it fixed its head at the east, and evolving its tail, brought it round to its mouth; thus showing to the king the boundaries; and then again returned to the wrist of the god. The king now built a town, having four principal gates or entrances. And to the town was given the name of Alavayi, (or venom mouth). The king built a temple with all usual accompaniments, as also the king's streets and streets for the people; and ruled like Kulasegara Pandian, who first cleared the forest of Cadambu trees.


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