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Marriage Of Minatchi With Siva By The Name Of Sundaresvara

When the above woman, Tadathakai (or Invincible) was ruling, her foster-mother represented to her the property of marriage, to which she replied, that she would assemble an army and go to fight with neighbouring Kings, in order to discover among them her destined husband. Accordingly her minister, named Sumathi, assembled assembled a very large army, with which she went and conquered all the neighbouring Kings. She next conquered Indra, and then proceeded to attack Kailasa (the abode of Siva) in front of which she was met by Narada, (the messenger of the God.) whom she forced to retreat. He went and reported the same to Siva who smiling a little, arose and went forth. As soon as he appeared, the before mentioned sign occurred, at which the amazon, being ashamed, dropped her weapons, and the minister said, "This is to be your husband." The god told her to return to Madura, where he dwelt, and on Monday he would come to marry her; desiring all preparations to be made. All was arranged accordingly; and the Gods, superior and inferior, came bringing presents. She was seated beside the god on the marriage - throne, when Vishnu joined their hands, and afterwards the marriage ceremony was performed, amidst the praises and adorations of the rishis and others present.


meenakshi kalyANam


The God then had new stone image made for the pagoda, as became a King; and afterwards ruled over Madura by the name of Sundara-P



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