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The God Conquered The Soren King, Who Came To Make War Against The Pandian, Which Was Done By Arrows Having The Name Of Sundaresvaren Written On Them

While Vamashasegara Pandian was reigning, the very warlike king of the rival country, who was named Vicrama Soren, desirous of invading the Pandian kingdom, colledted not only his own forces, but also the auxiliaries of three northern kings, named, Aswapathi (ruler of horses), Gejwapathi (ruler of elephants), and narapathi (ruler of men) and hostilely entered the Pandian country. When the Pandian heard of his having commenced hostilities, and committed various acts of violence, he went to the presence of the god, and said, "Vicrama Soren is come to assault me with great power "I have no forces at all equal to cope with him; what shall I do?" While thus supplicating, the god replied, by an unimbodied aerial voice, saying, "Go fight, I will give you the victory." The Pandian being encouraged and glad, collected his troops, and issuing out of the boundary wall of Tirualavayi (Madura), met the forces of the opponent, where they had been ravaging the country, and engaging them, maintained a warm combat. When many men on both sides had fallen, the god, in the guise of a hunter, and with the appearance of a general on horseback, approached to the Soren ranks, and discharged arrows from a bow; each arrow taking effect, overthrew and destroyed, a crore of chariots, a crore of elephants, a crore of horses, a crore of infantry. The Soren learning this circumstance, and doubting its import, ordered one of the arrows to be brought; on inspecting which, and seeing the name of Sundaresvaren written on it, he observed. "Since the god fights on the side of the Pandian, victory to us will be impossible;" and thereupon began a retreat. But the other northern kings arrested and restrained his flight; and exposing themselves to the arrows of the god, they, together with all their troops, fell, and the bodies became a prey to the budas, the evil spirits, vultures, dogs, and jackals; and the Soren only escaped. The hunter-god gently smiled on the Pandian, and then disappeared. The king returned in triumph, seated on an elephant, and going to the temple, there presented a bow and arrows studded with the nine * [* These are, Komethagam (cat's-eye); Nilam (sapphire); Pavalam (coral); Pushparagam (topaz); Maragatham (emerald); Manikam (ruby); Mutthu (pearl); Vaiduriyam (crystal); Vairam (diamond)] jewels; and afterwards prosperously ruled over the kingdom.


sundara pErampeitha padalam


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