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The Performance Of Alchemy By The God

In a town on the stream of the Vygai, called Puvana-nagar, the god, named Puvana-naicker, appeared with much splendour under a fortunate conjunction of all the planets. A female dancer in the presence of this god named Punanial, who was devoted to Siva, and had other distinguished qualifications, was very anxious that an image of the god should be made of gold, and thought much how to accomplish this wish. She meditated on Siva, who before had given an exhaustless purse to the Pandian; and one day the god appeared to her under the form of a religious ascetic. On making various inquiries he learned what her wishes were as to the image, and directed her to bring all the metal vessels which she possessed. On her doing so, he bid her at night melt them all in the fire, assuring her that gold would come forth. She desired him to attend and direct the process, but he excused himself, saying he was the Sittar of Madura; on which avowal the woman discovered that this was an amusement of Sundaresvarer. Following his instructions, gold came forth from the melting pots, with which an image was made, that was afterwards consecrated by the Brahmins, and thereby made the residence of the god. This god is of a form adapted to this fourth age of the world. The woman lived long, and at last attained superior happiness in another world.


rasavAtham seithal


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