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The God Relieved An Innocent Person Who Feared The Avenger Of Blood

After Rajasekara-Pandian had given up the kingdom to his son Kulothunga-Pandian, the latter married many wives, and had a great many children; among the eldest of which children, was Ananta-guna-Pandian, who was taught all needful accomplishments. About this time, a Brahmin coming with his wife from Tiruvatur, left her, being seated under a tree, in order to go and fetch water; and while he was away, an arrow which had long hung suspended in the tree, in consequence of the latter being shaken by the wind, descended and penetrated the body of the woman, who instantly died. At the same time a hunter came to repose, near at hand, under the shade of another tree. The Brahmin on returning, astonished to find his dead, looking round and discovering the hunter, charged him with the crime of murder, and took him along with him, together with the body of his wife, to the presence of the king. The hunter, on investigation, maintained his innocence, but by consent of the kings' ministers was put to severe torture, and all people admitted that his countenance was not that of a murderer. The king ordered him to be put in irons, and giving the Brahmin a present, bid him go bury his wife. The king prayed to God that his doubt might be cleared. At night the god appeared to the king and said, "Go along with the Brahmin to such a chetty's house, where there is a wedding and doubt will be explained." The king, in disguise, accompained the Brahmin to the place indicated, and while in the chetty's house, by Siva's favour, they overheard the conversation of two of Yama's angels. One said, "Our master has ordered us to kill this bridegroom, for whose death there is no apparent instrumental means." The other said, " Tush, don't you know how by the fall of the arrow from the tree we took the life of the Brahmin woman, and carried it to our master; so now, while the marriage procession returns. I will loose the bullocks from their ropes, and then do you, seated on the horns finish the business." The king asked the Brahmin what he thought of this? who said, "If the event correspond, I shall then hold the hunter to be innocent." Soon after, as the marriage procession came, the great noise which was made alarmed the bullocks, one of which broke its rope, and running furiously at the bridegroom, gored him, and caused his death; so that the marriage joyfulness was turned into funeral accompaniments, and triumph into mourning. On this development the king and Brahmin returned; and the king, setting the hunter at liberty, apologising for punishing him wrongfully, and giving the Brahmin presents, said, "Go, seek another wife, and submit to unavoidable evils."


pazhiyanchina padalam


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