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The God Turned Jackals Into Horses On Behalf Of Manickavasagar

On the morrow, the king sent for the minister to inquire about the horses; when he assured the king that they would come within three days; but being numerous, it would be needful to mark out lines for them, to dig wells for supplying them with water, and to ornament the town. The king gave instructions to this effect; but on the third day, no horses appearing, he sent peons directing them to seize the rogue Vathavuran, punish him, and put him in prison. When they came, the minister placed himself in the attitude of a worshipper; that is prostrate on the ground, with his arms extended, and hands joined above his head; and , meditating on Siva, he bore the torture inflicted, which the peons increased in consequence of his patience. The next put him all night in an offensive prison to him like a flower garden. The next morning he listened to the instruments used in conducting the temple worship; and, addressing the god, called on him to witness and relieve the sufferings of his votary. The god, moved by his supplication, ordered Nandi, and others of his attendants, to go and turn jackals of the forest into horses, and bring them to the Pandian. The order was obeyed in time to save the minister from capital punishment. An amazing concourse of horses appeared, and the god himself came at the head of the other riders. When the king asked the grooms, "Who was the chief of them?" they pointed to the god; and the king, forgetting himself, made him a respectful salutation; at which, a moment after, he felt ashamed. The chief then proceeded to explain the qualities of horses; among which were, that they would leap the town walls, pass through windows, and if kept * (*This is stated to be a popular notion concerning the jackal). in any one's house would ensure prosperity. Their different kinds were stated, with the uses to which they severally were most applicable. While the description was being given, the horses raised a dust which ascended through the atmosphere to Swargalogam. The chief proceeded to state the different countries whence the different kinds of animals came, and the import and advantages of different colours among them, winding up the whole detail, as it had been begun, by stating, that these were purchased with the king's money, through the agency of his excellent minister Vathavuran. The chief then delivered one horse into the king's own hand; and had all the rest given up, excepting only the one on which he himself was seated, being Nandi in disguise; he then made his respects to the king, and, with all his subordinates, disappeared. The king commanded his minister to be released and honoured. The god returned to the Madura temple, and related his diversion to the goddess, who was much astonished.


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