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Ukrama-Pandian Struck Mount Meru And Thence Obtained Wealth

Ukrama Pandian was attentive to the instructions of Agastyar in the religious observance of Monday; and by that means his wife, Kantimathi, brought him a son, whom he named Vira Pandian. At this time the country was distressed by drought, and the god, on being besought appeared in a dream, and said, "Go to Mahameru, strike with the ball: there are riches inside; take them, and make charitable donations, and rain will come.' Rising in the morning, and going to pay his devotions to the god the king set out with a great retinue; thus leaving his own country and going to salute the Soren king: passing thence by Dundaga nada, the Telinga, Carnataca and Tondaga countries; crossing mountains and rivers; passing Malava, Virada and Motthiya countries; going as far as Casi (Benares); crossing the Ganges and a desert untrodden by human foot-steps, which is inhabited by yalis, lions &c., he arrived at Kumeri, which extends one thousand leagues (of ten miles each); passing by which, and also Barathi, eight times


struck the mount mEru

larger still, he arrived at the birth place of Parvati, (or mountain-born), named Mount Imaut. Next crossing Kimpurada province as also Arri-varadum and the Nisithi mountains, and arriving at Ilavu-vritha country, surrounded by the river Jemba, he obtained a view of Maha-meru, which is the support of the earth, having one thousand and eight peaks, which is also the pillar of the gods, and which besides was once a bow in the hands of Siva. As that was a sacred land, he halted his retinue at a distance, made by himself a circuit of the mountain, and standing on the South, addressed its king, saying "O Meru! surrounded by all planets, constellations, and demi-gods-O mountain king! attend!" Then, taking the ball in his hand, he struck the mountain with anger: the mountain reeled; the peaks trembled, and the king of the mountain, with one head and four umbrella-bearing arms, came forth ashamed; confessed a dereliction of attention and of duty for that one day from the service of Siva, and asked what was his business? The reply was, 'Riches are wanted." All that he desired was given him by opening a mine; and the cleft was closed with his own royal seal. He brought the load of precious metals on elephants to Madura. And as he there gave largely to the Brahmins, the Saivas, the temples &c., rain came down as formerly, so that the country was again fertile. He flourished forty thousand years of the gods; after which, crowning Vira-Pandian, and delivering to him the kingdom, Ukrama Pandian resumed the unchangeable form of Siva.



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