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The God Provided Jewels For The Crown

While Vira-Pandian ruled, he had many inferior wives who had children, but the legitimate queen was without offspring; until, by performing penance to the god, the queen was delivered of a son, concerning whom all the customary astrological ceremonies were performed. Afterwards the king, while hunting, was slain by a tiger; when the eldest of the concubines, thinking this to be the favorable time, stole the crown and royal jewels. After the grief of the ministers for the death of the king had somewhat subsided, they found the crown missing, and considering this to be the stratagem of an enemy, they were embarrassed how to proceed. The god Sunderesvarer then came as a chetty (or merchant) and offered nine very valuable jewels for sale, explaining that they were once the body of Vala-asuren. This giant, by performing penance to Siva, had acquired power to conquer the inferior deities; and one day Indran offering to give him a gift, he jeered the king of demi-gods, as a conquered person offering gifts to the conquror, and himself offered a gift to Indran; who then besought him to burn himself, in the shape of a cow, in a sacrifice which Indran was making. He did so; when, according to a former promise of Siva, different parts of the cow's body became inestimable jewels of different kinds and colors. The properties of these jewels were explained by the chetty; who gave them into the hands of the ministers; said, "Thank the god Siva" and disappeared. They took the jewels, had a crown made, and with it crowned the young king, naming him Abhishegam (anointed). He recovered also the jewels which had been lost; and joyfully reigned over the kingdom.


mANikkam viRRa padalam



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