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Varunan Is Compelled To Retire By The Casting Of The Spear (Or Javelin).


Ukrama Pandian made a great sacrifice of ninety-six aswamedha yagams, at which Indran becoming jealous, since his rule was endangered, went to the king of the sea, Varunan, and asked him to destroy that country. Accordingly the sea suddenly came with great noise in the middle of the night to the gates of Madura, when the king, Ukrama Pandian, was awakened by Siva, in the guise of a religious ascetic, informing him of the circumstance, and attendant dangers; the king, being astonished and without presence of mind, was urged by the vision to lose no time, but employ the vel, as he had been directed; and accordingly he went and cast the spear (or javelin) at the sea, which immediately lost its force, and retired, because Varunan recognised the weapon of his superior. The king then went to the temple, adoring the god, promised that as far as the sea had come, so much land would be given to the temple; and thus he righteously governed the kingdom.


casting the spear



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