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Ukrama-Pandian Strikes Off Indran's Crown


While Ukrama Pandian reigned, it happened, by the evil influence of the nine planets, that there was no rain; and consequent by a great drought occurred in the Pandian, Sora, and Sera kingdoms. On which deficiency, these three kings went and consulted the sage Agastyar, residing on the great mountain called Pothiya, who told them of the evil influence of the planets, and advised them to go and worship Sundaresravarar on a Monday. Accordingly, the three kings came to Madura, and performed the prescribed fasting and ceremonies on Monday in the temple, when, by the favor of Siva, they were carried to Swarga logam (the paradise of Indran). The Sora and Sera kings took their seats at his footstool and asking for rain, were favourably answered and dismissed. But the Pandian took his seat on the same level with Indran, and made no request. Indran, displeased with a semblance of favour, put round his neck a very heavy necklace collar, such as five men could not lift, thinking its weight would crush his uncivi


off the indran's crown

l guest; but as the Pandian wore it without any emotion, Indran was astonished; and dismissed him, only saying, "You shall be called the bearer of the necklace." On the Pandian's return, he found that in his country only there was no rain; in consequence of which he went to Mahameru, and put some of the clouds round its summit in chains, and brought them to water his kingdom. Indran incensed at this violation of his proper power, declared war, and took the field at the head of large forces. There was much fighting on both sides, and many were slain, until Ukrama Pandian with his discus struck off Indran's crown. Indran, astonished, found he was not combating with a mere mortal, and sent ambassadors, promising to bestow rain. Ukrama would not believe him; in consequence Indran sent a man of the Vellala caste to become security for rain, (hence called காரைக்காத்தவெள்ளாளர், or waiters for rain). The king then released the clouds from confinement. Afterwards, by Indran's command, there was abundance of rain with consequent fertility and Ukrama Pandian ruled the kingdom with justice and liberality.


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