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The God Taught The Eight Great Meditations


When Siva was seated under the shade of a banyan tree, in Kailasa, instructing the rishis the greatness of the six-headed son of Siva (Kartikeya, or Subramanya) called and implored to be taught the eight forms of prayer. Siva told them to reverence Parvati, and then they would learn the prayers well. But while he was teaching them they did no pay proper attention, in consequence of which the god, becoming angry, denounced, as a malediction, "That they should become large stones under banyan trees, (ficus religiosa) near Mandura, for a thousand years," On this they fell down before him and besought his mercy. He replied, " After a thousand years I will come to Madura and restore you to proper shape." Accordingly they suffered the punishment denounced, and after the thousand years were past, the god came in the shape of a religious devotee restored the petrifactions to the human form, and taught them the eight great meditations, or prayers, after which they prospered.


attamA sithi



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