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Ganga, At The Command Of The God, Produced The River Vaigai


As the hunger of the dwarf was yet unappeased, the god commanded the Earth (a goddess) to supply him. Accordingly four holes or pits appeared, out of which food spontaneously arose; and the dwarf ate till his body was swollen. He then complained of thirst; and having drawn all the water contained in the wells and tanks, he still complained of thirst. On this the god commanded the goddess Ganga (in his hair) to supply water. She replied. 'You once called me before, and I will come again if you only grant the privilege that whatsoever bathes in my waters shall be purified from sin:" which being conceded, she brought a most plentiful supply of water in the shape of the river Vaigai and the dwarf took it all very easily. And now, both hunger and thirst being satisfied, he returned to his duty in the retinue of the god.


kundotharan with insatiable



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