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Siva Stotra


Sri Mahadeva Jayam




சிவஞானபூஜாமலர்குரோதனஆண்டு - (1985)

பிரசுரம்: ஆங்கீரஸ S. வேங்கடேசசர்மா, மேலமாம்பலம், சென்னை – 600 033]

                Salutatations to SIVA! Whose glory

            Is immeasurable, who resembles the sky

            In clearness, to whom are attributed

            The phenomena of all creation,

            The preservation and dissolution

            Of the universe! May the devotion,

            The burning devotion of this my life

            Attach itself to Him, to SIVA, who,

            While being lord of all, transcends Himself

            In whom Lordship is ever established

            Who causes annihilation of delusion,

            Whose most surpassing love, made manifest,

            Has crowned Him with a name above all names,

            The name of “MAHADEVA”, the Great God!

            Whose warm embrace, of Love personified,

            Displays, within man’s heart, that all power

            Is but a semblance and a passing show,

            In which the tempest of the whole past blows,

            Past Samskaaras, stirring the energies

            With violence, like water lashed to waves;

            In which the dual consciousness of “I” and “Thou”,

            Plays on: I salute that mind stable,

            Centred in SIVA, the abode of calm!

            Where the ideas of parent and produced,

            Purified thoughts, and endless varied forms,

            Merge in the Real one; where the existence ends

            Of such conceptions as “within”, “without” –

            The wind of modification being stilled –

            That HARA I worship, SIVA!

            From whom all gloom and darkness have dispersed;

            That radiant Light, white, beautiful

            As bloom of lotus white is beautiful;

            Whose laughter loud sheds knowledge luminous;

            Who, by undivided meditation,

            Is realized in the self-controlled heart

            May that lordly Swan of the limpid lake

            Of my mind, guard me, prostrate before Him!

            Him, the Master-remover of evil,

            Who wipes the dark stain of this Iron age;

            Who, Daksha’s daughter gave her coveted hand;

            Who, like the charming water-lily white,

            Is beautiful; who is ready ever

            To part with life for other’s good, whose gaze

            Is on the humble fixed, whose neck is blue

            With the posion swallowed;

                        HIM, we salute.


[Reproduced from Bhavan’s Journal, May 10, 1964, Vol. X, Np. 21, with grateful acknowledgements – Editor]


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