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Ten Deeds of Devotees (Dhasa Kariya)

In the old sayings and adages there are many references to the 10 deeds. thirun^Avukkarachar refers to the ten characteristic deeds of the slaves of the Lord. (paththu kolAm adiyAr cheykai thAnE) . mANikka vAchakar also refers to these 10 great deeds in thiruvempAvai. (paththudaiyIr ! Ichan pazavadiyIr !!).

One of the eighteen purANas ska.ndha purANam tells about the 10 explicit activities, 3 implicit activities of the devotees and also tells the 10 marks of the devotees.

10 Explicit Activities

  1. Being adorned with Holy Ash and rudrAxam
  2. Adoring the guide (guru)
  3. Praising and saluting the Lord Who holds the river gaN^ga
  4. Chanting the names of Lord shiva
  5. shiva-worship
  6. Pilgrimage to abodes of Lord shiva
  7. Listening to the glories of Lord shiva (shiva purANams)
  8. Venerating the devotees of Lord shiva
  9. Eating in the homes of the devotees of Lord shiva
  10. Donating to the guru who is a devotee of Lod shiva

3 Implicit Activities

  1. japam (chanting - internal)
  2. Worshiping the God in the mind
  3. Realising and rejoicing the experiance of God

10 Marks of devotees

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  • Variations in the fervent voice
  • Twitching of tongue
  • Twitching of lips
  • Body shivering
  • Hair raising excitement
  • Sweating
  • Staggered walk
  • Pour forth tears
  • Weep
  • Loosing self in the Supreme conscience

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