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Hindu Short Stories on Lord Shiva

Why read Hindu Stories? - For Adults

Hindu scriptures have given quite prominance to stories. The purANas and itihAsas, for example are full of the stories of the divine, devotees and the splendid others like kings. Stories have a great impact on individuals. A well written story keeps the interest of the reader grow in spite of the physical fatigue. This is a medium that is not only intended for the intellectuals like the inner core of philosophies, but can reach out to anybody and everybody. The essence of the stories can really help one navigate through the various situations of life with the light of precedents set by the great devotees and the Glory of God.

Why read Hindu Stories? - For Children/Parents

Stories have made children to become much respected people when they grew. The life of shatrapati shivaji is a very good example of this. His mother jIjabhai told him the stories of the valorous characters from the Hindu epics. That shaped the young shivaji. How that valor protected the whole region against the oppresssion of the moghal rulers and the generations thanking him for that, is history. The young ones are the ones getting moulded. What shape they would take when they grow up would very much depend on what information they are exposed to in their early stages. It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that they spare some of their time to ensure their lovely children have access to the right information. Teach them the stories of the Divine Lord shiva, teach them the story of Its adorable devotees. There would be better chances that the child would grow up morally sound and would enjoy the life mentally peaceful and purposeful, than just a life that accumulated wealth without any eventual happiness.


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