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Gem Hall - Thiruvalankadu

Gem Hall - Thiruvalankadu

In thiruvAlaN^kAdu Lord Shiva danced for the great devotee, kAraikkAl ammaiyAr, who is one among the 63 nAyanmAr. She wanted to see the dance of the Lord. The Lord asked her to worship Him in thiruvAlaN^kAdu. She worshipped the Lord in thiruvAlaN^kAdu. The Lord danced for her delight, and asked what boons she wanted. She asked boon for not taking any more births and not forgetting Him. She also asked the boon of sitting under His ornated dancing feet. She sang a lot of hymns in raise of the Lord in thiruvAlaN^kAdu.

iRavAdha inpa anbu vENdippin vENdu kinRArpiRavAmai vENdum mINdum piRappuNdEl unnai enRummaRavAmai vENdum innum vENdunAn makizndhu pAdi,  aRavAnI Adum pOdhun adiyinkIz irukka enRAr periya purANam

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1. thiruvAlangATTuth thiruppadhikam of kAraikkAl ammaiyAr

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