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Kudandai Keezhkkottam - Nageswarar Temple

இறைவர் திருப்பெயர்: Nageswarar, Vilvaranyeswarar

இறைவியார் திருப்பெயர்: Periyanayagi alias Pragannayagi

தல மரம்:

தீர்த்தம் : Surya Pushkarani

வழிபட்டோர்:Thirunavukarasar padal petra thalam(6-Thirumurai)

Sthala Puranam

One of the most ancient temples in Kumbakonam that has been sung by the Saivite Saints the small Nageswara Swami - Shiva temple, one of the finest early Chola temples, is noted for the quality of its sculpture, thought to have been completed a few years into the reign of Parantaka I (907-940).

Adisesha and Surya had worshipped Sri Nageswara here. 

Standing in a courtyard, the principal shrine to Shiva is connected to a columned mandapa. Both share a base carved with scenes from the epics and lotus petals. The main niches on the sanctum wall contain sculptures - on the north, Dakshinamurti ,on the west Ardhanarishvara and Brahma on the south.

Shrines dedicated to Pralayakaala Rudrar and Goddess Kali can also be seen in the temple complex.

The presiding deity here is Lord Shiva, known here as ‘Paataala Beejanathar’.

Nageswara Temple is one of the finest early Chola temples, noted for its fine sculpture and exquisite architectural work.

The annual Brahmotsavam, celebrated here in the Tamil month of Panguni(March-April).Thiruvadhirai is very famous.

The Nataraja shrine is of significance, as the hall is designed like a chariot with stone wheels, with the 12 zodiac signs inscribed on them.The Nritta Sabha, or the dance hall, has an elevated Mandapam with a flight of steps. The Nataraja shrine is exquisitely garnished with 12 zodiac signs, 2 huge horses and 4 elephants.The Nataraja idol in the Nageswara temple is one of the largest and finest images known as Chola period.


The sun’s rays fall on the lingam in the central shrine through an opening in the eastern tower for 3 days in a year – on the 11th,12th & 13th days in the month of Chithrai

Contact Address

Sri Nageswarar Temple (Kudanthai,Keelkottam), Kumbakonam.-612 001.

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