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இறைவர் திருப்பெயர்: Thirukkumara naathar, nIlakaNteeshwarar

இறைவியார் திருப்பெயர்: Veeraa mulaiyamman. neelamalarkaNNammai

தல மரம்:

தீர்த்தம் : neilooRpala thiirtham


Sthala Puranam

Thiru erukkaththam puliyuur, now known as Rajendhra pattinam is situated near Virudhdhaachalam on the way to Jayangkondam. It is the fourth among the twenty two of the places in the "Nadu naadu" which has got a Theevaarath thiruppadhikam. Thiru Nyaana Sambandhar 's Thirukkadaik kaappu (Theevaaram) is available for this temple. The name shows that this temple deity was worshipped by Vyaagrapaadha Maharshi. (The other four places are perumpaRRap puliyuur (Chithamparam), thirup paadhiruip puliyuur, oomaam puliyuur, perumpuliyuur)
According to the Sthala puraaNam once when Lord Shiva was explaining the Agama to Paarvathi dheevi. That time Parvthi dheevi lost concentration. The Lord cursed Her to take birth as a girl in the fishermen folk. So Subramanya and Ganeesh threw away the Agama. So Lord cursed Subramanya to become a dumb boy. Subramanya came to Thiru erukkaththam puliyuur to pray Lord Shiva to do penance. He, with the name uruththira sarman, created a pond with his sula (veel) and worshiped the Lord. The God pleased with His penance, forgave him and removed the dumbness. The Lord is hence called "Thirukkumara naathar"


This is the birth place of Thiru NiilakaNda yaazppaaNar, who was a contemporary with Thiru Nyaana Sambandhar and who played Sambandhar 's padhikams in his music instrument 'yaaz'.
King rAjarAjan worshiped the God here to get his son rAjEn^dhra chOzan, who became a great emperor like his father later. So this village is called Rajendhra pattinam.

The complete padhikam




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