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இறைவர் திருப்பெயர்: Arulmigu nayanavaradEshvarar

இறைவியார் திருப்பெயர்: aruLmigu pukazAbharaNEshvarar aruLmigu

தல மரம்:

தீர்த்தம் :


Sthala Puranam

  • Lord Siva, the presiding Deity, answered the devout prayer from a loving mother of a blind child, that her eye-sight might be taken away only to restore that of her helpless baby. The Lord thenceforth became, famous as “Nayanavaradevara “ “the Lord who gave eyes” and the hamlet itself is known as “KaN koduttavanitam 


  • This is an ancient temples with inscriptions at the basements. There is Five storied Gopuram at the Torana vAyil or the Gate of the external compound wall. There is also a tank in front of this temple. Inside the first compound wall, there must have been another compound wall. There is an entrance gate, which is usually called the thiruccurru vAyil with probably a three storeyed tower. Inside this compound is the mahamantapam, the Great Hall. Behind this stand attached to it one after another the ruined Mukamantapam the Front Hall of the sanctum sanctorum and the sanctum sanetorum itself enshrining the Linga. The sanctum sanctorum, from the point of view of architecture, belongs to the age of the later Colas. The basement is intact, but the artistic portions above, such as pancaram, Kapota pttikai, tulSnilai and karna kootam, are giving way, sometimes protruding out and sometimes collapsing. The VimAna at the top is much damaged, being overgrown with trees. There is a small temple like structure on the left, in front of the gate. There is nrutta manapam, the Hall of dance, of which the basement alone stands.
  • The Svayurnbhu hinga, is 5 feet in height. There is also Kalyana kutam or mantapamn which is in a state of ruin.


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Location: State : Tamil Nadu District : thiruvArUr Situation: “Kankoduttavanitam” is a small village three miles from Tirumatikkunnam, a railway station, in between Tanjore and Tiruvaroor.

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