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Kalkulam Shivan temple (Padhmanabhapuram)

இறைவர் திருப்பெயர்: NilakaNta swamy, mahAdhEvar

இறைவியார் திருப்பெயர்: Ananthavalli

தல மரம்:

தீர்த்தம் : kuLam


Sthala Puranam

This town was the capitol of the erstwhile thiruvidhAN^gUr state. The kings who ruled from this town and the other kings like thirumalain^Ayakkar have done lots of service to this temple. This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples.


This temple is the only temple in the above referred twelve Lord Shiva abodes where there is a big gopuram (tower). And also it is the only temple in the twelve where there is an exclusive Sanctum for Goddess. This temple is a mixture of both thamizn^Adu and Keralite styles of temples. Every year ther is a tank festival in the temple tank. n^IlakaNta shivan was an ardant devotee of the Lord here.

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Location: State : Tamil Nadu District : Kanyakumari Situation: 10 miles north-east from nagarkoyil.

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